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Thread: Very very odd damage

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    Very very odd damage

    Date & Time of Occurrence
    10.08.2018 20:00


    None / N/A

    Barnard's Star


    Ship Type
    Imperial Cutter

    Commander Name
    Tiberius Duval

    Was interdicted by npc Anaconda, no big deal, blasted it to smithereens. Police came no problems. But then came two hostile npc Viper MK3's. I have 8a shield generator, two booster. Both shield gen and booster are engineered towards greater strenght (shield gen grade 3 engineered). Those two npc Vipers blasted my shields away in about two seconds. Another volley put me under 70% hull. Hell even best engineered PVP weapons, or whatever thargoids have do not do THAT much damage. Especially nothing carried by Viper. Managed to escape.

    Steps to Reproduce
    Do not know

    Additional files?

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    Depends on their level.

    High level enemies can have some very highly engineered weapons

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    Even then 2x Viper Mk3 vs Imperial Cutter, 8a shields, grade 3 engineering, two shield boosters, grade 1 engineered, about 2000 MJ's. Two seconds shields from near 100% to zero. Couple of seconds more, hull to 63%. Seems pretty fishy.

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    You sure it wasn't an ATR police force? They get station guns on their ships and can blast you very fast.

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    Nope, I was interdicted first by an npc pirate Anconda. Destroyed it. Police came to scene, no problems, I'm clean. No problems with the law. Seconds later come two Viper MK3's. Suddenly no shields, my hull drops to 63% severe module damage, especially powerplant. In that point thanks to engineered thrusters I boost out and jump. I had full 3 rings in shields after killing that Anaconda. About 2 seconds, that was all those Vipers needed to bring that down. And I have two engineered shield booster, and best normal shieldgen you can fit to Cutter and that was engineered to grade 3 with more durable shields modifications.

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    Hey TiberiusDuval,

    Thanks for the report.

    If this happens again it would be great to get a video of it happening to assist in this investigation.

    If you could also include your ships loadout that would be much appreciated.

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    Hmm, did not really had time to start video capture, but I'm trying to remember it next time. Loadout for my ship is here:

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    If the atr show up the minute they jump in with you your shields go offline no matter what you do they come off.