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Thread: Ship for passengers.

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    Ship for passengers.

    What would people suggest as a first ship for passenger travel? I know nothing about the subject other than reading a couple of posts, so very green.

    What did you choose, did you choose the right thing, did you upgrade and/or why?

    All info very welcome.

    Thanks folks.

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    You don't need to know much. Passengers are basically cargo. Loud, demanding cargo, provided.
    I'm using Orca or Beluga, because I like those ships, but you can use anything really. (though only Dolphin, Orca and Beluga can fit the VIP cabins)
    So fly what's comfortable to you. Larger jump range is an advantage. You'll need the cabins (obviously), Shields (cargo doesn't like being shaken around) and one cargo hold (for stuff).

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    Depends if you want to do bulk/VIP transport or VIP sightseeing. Bulk transport for example is 54 First Class Passengers want transport to where ever. Those on average are the highest paying. The transport missions add to your Trade rank. I use either the Cutter or Conda for those. You'll see First Class, Business and Economy class transports. VIP transport is similar but VIPs don't share modules. Meaning the 54 passengers will cover all the modules available. One VIP mission might ask for a six person transport so you put them in a ten person module. That module is used up. The four spots are gone. VIPs could also be criminals and if you get scanned by security you're in trouble. Look for criminal status in the mission description. Best to just avoid those. Not worth the little extra payout.

    VIP sightseeing missions I use the Orca with a single first class cabin. Feel free to stack the missions with more cabins but it's a lot of back and forth flying if you do. Those add to your Explorer rank. The mission giver will ask to see two or more sights around the galaxy (sometimes one stop) and pretty much you just take them there and scan the Tourist beacon they want to see. Since some of the sights can be a few hundred LY away I use the Orca because it's got a good jump range.....and it's luxurious cruise ship. You still have to be careful with picking up criminals or passengers that don't like to be scanned. (same goes for VIP Transport) They'll either get you killed or just eject and failing the mission if you're scanned too often. Again best to avoid criminals or passengers that don't like scanning. Also the passengers can be "very demanding" which means they want you to buy them a washing machine or something dumb for the trip. You'll get the notification they want something.....just ignore it completely. You can read it but don't click no if you don't want to do it. Just click away. They get mad if you say no and could possibly eject which fails the mission.

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    Originally Posted by Speedcuffs View Post (Source)
    Those are great for station rescues

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    Not many details to go on OP

    Assuming you're new and have limited resources, I'd recommend an Asp or a T-6 with First Class cabins to start. Either have enough room and range to generate profits.

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    Originally Posted by GJ51 View Post (Source)
    Not many details to go on OP

    Assuming your new and have limited resources, I'd recommend an Asp or a T-6 with First Class cabins to start. Either have enough room and range to generate profits.
    Yes as GJ51 says, stick ether Economy, Business or First Class into any correspondingly sized module slot on any ship you fancy (or have.) When you have the spare cash or really want a passenger ship you could buy something like a Saud Kruger ship and then you can add a Luxury cabin to the list above.

    Don’t overlook the criminal/wanted/scan sensitive types. You can’t be scanned in supercruise so it’s only going in and out of stations and when you drop out of SC to scan the tourist beacon. You can (and should have a) plan for these times, having a button or key mapped to ‘next destination’ is a massively useful tactic generally but also for these types of missions. It saves you opening the GalMap and plotting a route whilst sitting in a vulnerable position. Just hit the button/key and boost away from the tourist beacon and hit the FSD. Being Allied to the mission giver provides more rewards but Allied with everyone at the station means you can get away with an astonishing amount without being scanned. Heatsinks and staying below 100 m/s also help avoid station scans.

    Don’t forget to check the journey distance and whether you need a fuel scoop