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Thread: New Attractions

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    Originally Posted by Gdain View Post (Source)
    I completely agree. These are all cool ideas, itís just there isnít any room for all of this stuff. The dinos should be the main attraction, not carnival rides. Plus I canít think of any zoo thatís also an amusement park. I would think all the rides and noise would upset the animals.
    I give you this, also Iím sure Disney in the USA has a zoo at one of the parks

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    Originally Posted by Armholeeio View Post (Source)
    I give you this, also Iím sure Disney in the USA has a zoo at one of the parks
    We do have Busch Gardens here in the US. I did forget about that. Same thing I guess would happen with dinosaurs over time. I think it was Clair that said kids look at a Stegosaurus like an elephant at the zoo. So having rides isnít that big of a stretch after all. I do feel that this would be the case if dinosaurs were everywhere and not confined to one island in the world. Multiple Jurassic Parks across the continents would definitely encorporate rides into their parks to make it unique since everyone has a Trex. There was a debate that Busch Gardens Cobras Cruise ride was too close to the reptile exhibit and may have been making the snakes go nuts, a modern day Jurassic Park scenario lol. I guess if we had more building room I could see a section of your park dedicated to roller coasters. Idk, filling a park like this with coasters feels like it would take away from the beauty and make it trashy. I can see having something like the jungle cruise added. A ďrideĒ thatís quiet and where you observe the dinos in their environments. Just my thoughts.

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    While I can easily appreciate just seeing any animal wether at the zoo or in a national park, the reality is that many visitors pay a lot of money when travelling and want a garantee that they will "feel" something more than...staying at home not travelling. I lived for many years in one of the most famous national parks in Canada, and having wild animals in the park is not enough anymore. People stay for 2-3 days and want all kind of thrilling activities; glass floor viewing bridge over a valley, a bus that takes you on a glacier, scenic cruises, etc. Some of them are excentric but still relates to the natural beauty of the park at least, when you can't see animals.
    I just think that some of the buildings or stations associated with "fun" in JWE have nothing to do with a dinosaur park (Bowling alley is the worst) when there could be many ideas that would match thrilling activities and passive rhinoceros looking creatures. I've given a few suggestions in the wishlist already. And if there will be rollercoasters, theme it with dinos please! I'm so not a rollercoaster person. I'm happy looking at a squirrel when everyone wants to see bears!

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    To have the possibility to custom the attractions or to have different models, that would be great.

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