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Thread: experienced pilot itching for some bug stomping

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    experienced pilot itching for some bug stomping

    Greetings, commanders.
    I'm a 22 year old active player with a couple hundred hours of experience looking to join a PvE group with a potential focus on Thargoid Hunting. I've flown solo for an overwhelming majority of my time, but would like to fly with a group. my main ship is a Federal Corvette (only partially A-rated) and a good amount of flight time behind it.
    i'm not looking for a super sweaty role-play mil-sim group. just a group of laid-back folks who enjoy bug-killing.
    for any questions or offers, contact me on Discord (NepNep#7342) or add me in-game (CMDR ANIMETIDDIES)
    fly safe

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    ---- RECRUITMENT ----

    We'd be happy to have you consider membership in AOD! We've recently had several players gearing up ships to go Thargoid stomping who would be eager to fly with you! We also have players experienced in PVP, bounty hunting, trading, mining, BGS manipulation and exploration.

    For more information, check out our recruitment post or visit our clan website directly!

    Fly safe CMDR

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    I use discord, i dont use teamspeak. I have no interest in any clan with “ranks” or “lore” or anything that reflect in any sort of politics outside of the game.
    I want a group of chill, laid back folks who enjoy squading up and having fun.