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Thread: Reckless weapon discharge RES/HazRES every kill

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    Reckless weapon discharge RES/HazRES every kill

    Date & Time of Occurrence
    11.08.2018 - 19:00-01:23


    None / N/A

    LHS 417 / LFT 1446


    Ship Type
    Type 10

    Commander Name

    Without fail today in multicrew if the gunner opened fire on a clearly identified "wanted" and locked NPC we got a 400CR Reckless weapon discharge fine.
    We thought it was stray bullets at first yet it happend with both Multi Cannons and Beam Lasers.

    We started going to a HazRes to be absolutely sure and singled out ships so there was no collateral and without fail it triggered every time he opened fire again.

    However, if I set my SLF to attack the target first, he could fire immediately and not get the fine.

    We did even get very close to a clipper and practically ran into it to not miss, and the fine did happpen again.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1) Have an active Gunner in multicrew.
    2) Identify target to "wanted" status for pilot and gunner.
    3) Gunner opens fire with the "Beam Lasers"(check loadout below) on a locked target.
    4) a 400CR fine is issued to pilot(!) for reckless weapon discharge.

    Additional files?
    Used Layout: rCyWU2xKrKSsN6k6UfkN9CaxU5C3pdIafsDnUb6cPsPvyTfIn8ivyd3%2FvBFNGntk7%2BQv5FHddV0akXSQA88JE8SPIQusS7nfsvG0UM8bqmKdbCJmUi8yzlJ684Bf7bAy1gHi8Di9uGJPjylV35vqoap5XlJSYbHcDp3lh5EyvSU3ikxHIbk9LKRWqe83cQsdLbT0SdrOUj5QaQRvW4G555gpskC%2FtO7wicpY3rezLx1jIjvokzWyW8xU%2BcCuozrspHie%2BSv%2BNW7IWfIhJ4z709VQpAScUhrWHsMhyHFntIqJYbDEFH%2FPD8CDmdhQQMAAA%3D%3D.EweloBhA2AWECMBmaICmBDA5gGzSRCIoA%3D%3D%3D

    Detailed Journal Log can be supplied if needed.


    { "timestamp":"2018-08-10T21:46:07Z", "event":"ShipTargeted", "TargetLocked":true, "Ship":"empire_trader", "Ship_Localised":"Imperial Clipper", "ScanStage":3, "PilotName":"$npc_name_decorate:#name=David Campbell;", "PilotName_Localised":"David Campbell", "PilotRank":"Deadly", "ShieldHealth":100.000000, "HullHealth":100.000000, "Faction":"LFT 1446 Society", "LegalStatus":"Wanted", "Bounty":77490 }
    { "timestamp":"2018-08-10T21:46:19Z", "event":"CommitCrime", "CrimeType":"recklessWeaponsDischarge", "Faction":"LFT 1446 Netcoms Company", "Fine":400 }

    { "timestamp":"2018-08-10T21:54:20Z", "event":"ShipTargeted", "TargetLocked":true, "Ship":"diamondback", "Ship_Localised":"Diamondback Scout", "ScanStage":3, "PilotName":"$npc_name_decorate:#name=Ix Axolotl;", "PilotName_Localised":"Ix Axolotl", "PilotRank":"Dangerous", "ShieldHealth":100.000000, "HullHealth":100.000000, "Faction":"LFT 1446 Society", "LegalStatus":"Wanted", "Bounty":22740 }
    { "timestamp":"2018-08-10T21:54:28Z", "event":"CommitCrime", "CrimeType":"recklessWeaponsDischarge", "Faction":"LFT 1446 Netcoms Company", "Fine":400 }

    { "timestamp":"2018-08-10T22:05:30Z", "event":"ShipTargeted", "TargetLocked":true, "Ship":"anaconda", "ScanStage":3, "PilotName":"$npc_name_decorate:#name=Cooper;", "PilotName_Localised":"Cooper", "PilotRank":"Expert", "ShieldHealth":36.865528, "HullHealth":67.053795, "Faction":"NLTT 46621 Dragons", "LegalStatus":"Wanted", "Bounty":101695 }
    { "timestamp":"2018-08-10T22:05:40Z", "event":"CommitCrime", "CrimeType":"recklessWeaponsDischarge", "Faction":"LFT 1446 Netcoms Company", "Fine":400 }

    "timestamp":"2018-08-10T22:08:16Z", "event":"ShipTargeted", "TargetLocked":true, "Ship":"diamondbackxl", "Ship_Localised":"Diamondback Explorer", "ScanStage":3, "PilotName":"$npc_name_decorate:#name=Crystiara;", "PilotName_Localised":"Crystiara", "PilotRank":"Deadly", "ShieldHealth":100.000000, "HullHealth":100.000000, "Faction":"LFT 1446 Society", "LegalStatus":"Wanted", "Bounty":52582 }
    { "timestamp":"2018-08-10T22:08:21Z", "event":"ReceiveText", "From":"$npc_name_decorate:#name=Crystiara;", "From_Localised":"Crystiara", "Message":"$Pirate_OnStartScanCargo11;", "Message_Localised":"I hope you have something good in your hold.", "Channel":"npc" }
    { "timestamp":"2018-08-10T22:08:22Z", "event":"CommitCrime", "CrimeType":"recklessWeaponsDischarge", "Faction":"LFT 1446 Netcoms Company", "Fine":400 }

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    Hey Deadlift,

    Thanks for the report.

    Can you please confirm that the ships you fired on were selected, fully scanned and wanted?

    If you could provide a video of this happening that would be very helpful to this investigation.

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    Hi Mitch,

    I can cornfirm that they were.
    I was in VR so I couldnt really record I will try to get you a video of it cant supply fast though.

    in the meantime best I have are those two shots: