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Thread: Incoming enemy alert

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    Originally Posted by M4st0d0n View Post (Source)
    So they know in advance I'm gonna spread magical influence instead of choosing to be covered in sweet creds or get 2 materials for a reward?
    You get a warning that they're after you too.

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    Originally Posted by Ian Doncaster View Post (Source)
    I agree that between the ability to evade them locking on, the ability to break the interdiction when they do, and the ability to boost-lowwake from anything dangerous by outrunning it ... the only reason they're relevant is if you actually want to fight them.

    Starting them off in clear space rather than 2 minutes into the gravity well of a nearby planet would be a good start, as would making NPCs much better at interdicting ... but realistically any changes which could make an NPC actually a threat to a player trying to run would equally make a player a deadly threat to a player trying to run, and that doesn't seem to be the way Frontier want to go.
    And between their ability to just spawn and be there all of that is simply not relevant. You're just basically obliged to perform a quick time event from time to time when trading. So yeah, I want a fight to to break the monotony, thanks. Just not a fully engineered conda aimbot when I fly a T7. Just like in the res site when I mine, if I so choose.

    Supercruise, instancing and interdictions are the way they handled the game engine with their constrains. They have flaws and the simulation breaks apart at this point when you look at any NPC behaviour. Yet they can be improved to make things, I dont know, maybe at least fun.

    Sorry to use a term as subjective.

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