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Thread: Songs of Star Citizen

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    Songs of Star Citizen

    Over the years, we've had some rather excellent lyrics covers of various songs with the delights of Star Citizen as the topic.

    Whilst great fun, the main thread itself has not been the place to post them. Could this be it? Or is that too off-topic for off-topic?

    Dlewth began a good one today that I feel deserves continuing by anyone willing to join in

    Originally Posted by DLewth View Post (Source)
    Pledge your prayers, little whale.
    Don't forget, my little fail.
    To include everyone:
    Tuck you in, it's not P2Win
    Keep you free from UEC
    'Till the sandman does a wee.
    Pay with wallet open
    Grip your Idris tight!

    Exit devs
    Enter pledge
    Buy me a handbag
    We're off to always-alpha land

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    Somethings wrong, my PC froze
    Low frames every night
    Chris and Sandi alight
    with a nose full of white
    Dreams are made, Dreams of liars
    Dreams on the funeral pyres
    Top lip Chris he bites
    Chris' eyes wide open, staring
    Coke blood shot capillaries tight

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    Im going to do mine beatnik style.
    I call this....'Star Cit blues'.

    Pay2win ohhh pay toooo win.
    *clash of a tambourine*
    PAY2WIN.... you deaky....Pay2Win.
    Paying to winning.... You paying 2 winning?
    We pay, They pay, I pay... we all pay...

    PAYING!... *bongo beat*

    ...2 being winning. *clash of a tambourine*

    Thank you.

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    Where is my hard earned money, HONEY
    Didn't you promises me land of milk and honey, HONEY?
    Only 2 more years left, you JEST!
    Turn on your spaceship rockets, just to empty your POCKETS!
    Land of make believe... only benefits the CIG Thieves