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    TrackIR Support

    Hello there,

    yesterday I logged into Elite after an extended break and noticed that TrackIR didnt work anymore. the Software doesnt seem to have an issue because the TrackIR client did pick up my movements and even when in game the reciever showed the 2 green lights on it. Restarting the Elite client did not work.

    Ist there still full support of TrackIR within Elite or did I miss anything?

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    I haven't used the TrackIR for almost a year, now, but I doubt they would do something that would make it not work, anymore. And it always worked fine, before.
    Check if you have Elite listed in the supported games in the software.

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    TrackIr works normally for 4 years. Just checked again. My software version is: 5.2.200. No problem

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    TrackIr still works for me no issues.

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    TrackIR 5 working fine here. No problems at all