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Thread: Trying to find G5 Elements

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    Trying to find G5 Elements


    I am finally getting around to Engineering my fleet of multiple ships - but find I am deficient in many of the Elements required to accomplish the task. I am currently hanging out near the Wyrd system and need to stockpile G5 Elements and Selenium. I have heard that there are persistent places (gysers and such) that can assist me in acquiring a stockpile of G5s that can be traded down for the remainder. I have heard that there are some locations in the Sol system that could be useful, and am willing to travel there.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    You should try google - lots of info there. Also inara has descriptions of locations for all mats.

    Edit: Other search engines are available

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    Best bet is to scan the landable planets/moons with a detailed surface scanner (DSS) which will show you what materials are availalable. For rare stuff (e.g. G5) anything >~1.5% should give you a reasonable chance of finding it.

    Alternatively there's eddb -

    Wyrd A 2 looks like a good bet for selenium...

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    Also: Hoover up elements in your SRV, whatever you find, regardless of how common they may be. You can trade them in for at least some G5s later.

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    I tried the Volcanics route for materials a *bit* but found it more trouble than its worth compared to just farting around on the best planet you can find for G5 stuff. Even when you find a good volcanic zone, it's only a few resources in my experience, and costs more time to find than its worth. But maybe somebody has a good guide to prove me wrong on that. Overall just using eddb to find the best planetoids for your g5 seems like the best route...yes it's painful.

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    Easiest way to stock up G5 elements is at places like the Bug Killer crash site, then trade 'em for whatever you actually need.

    Sure, it's irritating to get ripped-off by the traders but at least you've got an "infinite supply" of the stuff you can obtain easily.

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    I go and Mine when I need Mats for Engineering. Get moneys and Mats. Don't forget about the Material Traders. Se sure to Bookmark one of each type, locally, for you to enhance your ability to get the upgrades you want.

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    If you need only a few and quickly, the fastest way would be volcanic site needle crystals. If you want to stock up, look up a metal rich body on eddb that also has lower grade materials in the trader line to the g5 you're looking for and spend some time in the SRV. Mining may also work for materials, but it is a lot less predictable.

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    Also biological sites, Brain Trees and Bark Cones, are much larger than volcanic sites and have the same materials so if you are in a hurry and want a large concentration in a small area you can't go past those. There is quite a large list of them now but mostly a distance outside the bubble so always handy while traveling to stock up needed mats.

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    Originally Posted by Hessfire View Post (Source)
    ........ need to stockpile G5 Elements .........

    I don't know how to break this to you but there are no G5 elements.

    Enjoy your search.

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    Originally Posted by Para Handy View Post (Source)
    I don't know how to break this to you but there are no G5 elements.

    Enjoy your search.
    I was going to make a snarky comment about how some of them still have the G5 symbol next to them in game but That'd actually be pretty cool if we could find that stuff!

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    Yes, selenium is a tough one. Its not found at the crashed conda site so your stuck with EDDB filter and SRV prospecting. These are my goto sites:
    Bokip 1 for Antimony
    LTT 6705 A 2 for Poloium
    Deciat 1 for Ruthenium
    CPD-51 3323 4 1DA for Selenium
    Vestani 1 for Tecknetium
    Goibniugo 6 C A for Tellurium
    Delkar 1 for Yttrium

    Crashed conda info if you're interested.

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    Locations have been known to change so you will have to do the hard work and read Im sure the later ones are accurate tho.

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