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Thread: GalNet News: Rogue Robot Missing

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    GalNet News: Rogue Robot Missing

    The beginning of a new narrative? Or just a random article stub?

    Older players may remember reading Fred Saberhagen's "Berzerker War" series. Rogue von Neumann machines could replace the already sputtering Thargoid narrative, since that doesn't seem to be considered worthy of news or much Pilot Federation effort these days...

    Younger players, of course, would only contemplate some half-baked variant of The Terminator.... (which would be a real stretch, given the absolute lack of anything approaching the degree of automation (let alone AI) we've already seen in the 21st century surviving into Elite's 34th century.

    ...but some lore extension *might* somehow be developed to dovetail (with some serious shoehorning) into the foreshadowing that we've discovered in our Guardian research with respect to their problems with runaway AI).

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    Bah, my searching before posting didn't return that this thread had already been started:

    My bad. :-/