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Thread: Do bug reports actually result in action?

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    Originally Posted by MottiKhan View Post (Source)
    I'd say that bug reports and tickets are a waste of time and effort except that they give the person reporting the problem a placebo like effect. So not totally worthless.

    Maybe FD can come up with a better randomized reply instead of the standard "We can't reproduce" and "Please include a video/pic/log" ones
    What about those instances where the reply is actually "thank you we now have enough data to reproduce and fix it?"

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    i dont know

    probably if i report the mirrored text of the inside of the chieftains cockpit (very visible when in the gunner seat), i could expect it to show up in the next minor update.

    on the other hand, the flechette turrets are not fixed (actually they are "fixed", even for a gunner, and thats the bug) since they have been released - probably because they are not the most popular tech broker unlock in the first place.

    FDEV is most likely already working on the content patch for the next paid expansion, so fixing bugs can't be done with hotfixes, as that could interfere with the code they have already running on their internal servers...

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