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Thread: This game is so dead...

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    Originally Posted by shustas View Post (Source)
    Been here for a while, never has forum been so quiet from the dev side.
    Apparently you have a bad memory and didn't notice the many threads in the past asking for more communication from them. You 'being here for a while' doesn't mean you've paid attention.

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    Bad thread + Derail = Betterered!

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    Originally Posted by shustas View Post (Source)
    Jesus this is megatron of derailing at 6500 and counting views of people, that claim this game is fine. But instead of playing it, they lurk forums for slightest news of new content added. I do understand its holiday season, but come on, no dev leave a thriving game all alone on its own for months, unless they know its dead already, or have a clear order from above, pack your things, we leave the ship, we have other projects. Anyway, everything proves my point. Happy I was seen. To the guy who said I was doing it wrong putting size 4 prismatics on...size 6 passenger cabin instead. Most of the passengers dont like bumps. I know what Im doing ok. Thanks
    Nominated for the most ridiculous post of the day.

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    Come on guys... the OP is right.

    ED is so dead.... cool.

    How many other games can you step on to your front porch, look up to the stars and play a computer game that accurately tries to recreate everything you see above you to the extent that you can visit Betelgeuse or Sirius or the Orions nebula.. or well anything else you wish to.

    Ofc the OP missed the last part out, but, ED is really pretty cool when you stop to consider it for a few moments.

    Yes I gripe and moan as much as anyone, but, ED is far from over, far far from over.

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    Or just do what I do. Iíll be coming back to the game after a few months away (right after SH died). I play for quite a while, usually end up waaaaaay out in space without the gumption to come back and then take a brake and come back later. I hear distant worlds is making a second go round so Iíll make my way back to bubble, get myself a conda and rig it for the upcoming expo. You donít have to play the game everyday for the rest of your life. I take it in doses of a few months followed by a few months rest. Hereís hoping Ill dock okay when I get back

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    Originally Posted by M00ka View Post (Source)
    Going by your tone, even if the Devs announced what they are working on you would probably jump on here and call them liars anyway, or get upset that they are working on something you don't want.
    FDev isn't CCP Games, but the latter had a consistence release schedule for many years with dev blogs regularly about upcoming features with each update. They didn't really have the issue I see here of people assuming silence = lack of development (except for that one time it was actually true and it showed in the product they put out. But they fixed that). Not saying FDev can or should communicate like CCP did/does, but it does provide a data point demonstrating that communication can combat these sentiments before they start.

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    Wow even mods are playing other games it seems, lock this thread already

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    Originally Posted by shustas View Post (Source)
    Wow even mods are playing other games it seems, lock this thread already
    Since you ask so nicely.

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