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Thread: Relocating - a nice change of pace

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    Relocating - a nice change of pace

    For quite a while I have called a specific station home, and all was good. Fully allied with 7 or the 9 factions, lots of high value missions, new the surrounding area like the back of my hand so to speak. But then a couple of things started to happen. The first was it was just getting boring, if I took a fetch mission I knew instantly where to go to get those commodities, I was in danger of being hunted down by some other factions because I had been doing the honorable thing and blowing up all their wanted members. The final straw was the sudden political instability in the area. Not only was my station suddenly in civil unrest but it seems over half the neighbouring systems were as well. Civil wars were happening everywhere. Which meant the majority of missions being offered to me were massacre or illegal missions, two of my most disliked types.

    So I decided to move, remembered a lovely little area that is Empire and since I hadn't stuck my nose in the Empire world for ages, decided that would be the place. It was only about 250ly away, so not a big relocation, but one nevertheless. Took the DBX for a spin, arrived at my new home and started to settle in. Even bought an Imperial Eagle for a local run around, did a little engineering and took that back to my old stamping ground so I could fly my Python back (the Imp Eagle is a lot cheaper to transport than the Python lol).

    Settle in and started working on my rep, something I hadn't had to do for ages. Took lots of missions, sure they weren't paying as well as those in my previous home, but I could see my reputation increasing and subsequently, the missions. As I moved around my new neighbourhood, started to take note of who sold what, who wanted want, where the RES sites are, which stations have mat traders and Interstellar factions. Began compiling a list of all those systems still marked 'unknown' to me, something for me to scan in the DBX (only ship I have there with a DSS).

    I admit, I am having more fun that I thought I would, it is like everything is new. Discovering new trade routes, trying to work out which factions to follow, which ones to work against. Which station can I nearly guarantee certain things will be. Which stations have what modules, who sells which ships.

    All in all, really glad I decided to move, so if you are feeling stale in your current abode, try it, pick somewhere on the map that looks interesting and go there, check it out. Might just give the game a new lease of life to a jaded player.

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    This! I dont wanna move my entire fleet right now because im quiet happy wiith my current base. But I'm thinking about using Mars High in Sol as a station to store high value things like maxed out modules 'n stuff. I love all those places in the bubble have so much meaning (especially if u play the bgs). As soon as you start observing the details, this galaxy comes alive. I get really happy every time i hear this particular alliance traffic controller. Stiil, there is so much more potential. (posted after a few beers).

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    I have Caucuma as my Home base, but that's only because my expeditions in the black will always finish coming back to the bubble from that 'side' of the galaxy.
    Iv only got a few ships stored there now, most of my fleet is in middle of the bubble, while I'm pottering around waiting for DWE2.

    I had moved out to Jaques Station & left the bubble, but the unpleasent taste of the expansion of the region, I transfered my fleet back to Caucuma after 6 months (when ship transfers went live).

    I just decide on doing something (like Fed, Empire ranking) & work the systems & factions in a small region of the bubble.

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    I relocated to the pleiades a while back but lately I'm preparing to move to the Gnosis. Packed some modules and parking my preferred ship there ready for wherever it will go next.

    The Gnosis is currently parked in Merope and flight plan indicates a couple of faraway jumps.

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    CGs are a good excuse to go somewhere you haven't been yet and check the area out. Doesn't have to be all grind for the CG, then go home.