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Thread: After 400 hours I finally got my Cobra MkIII

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    I think a lot of people once they have their "big" ship(s) tend to go back and re-purchase their small ships or, if they never sold them begin to use them again a lot more for instance, I have discovered that a well-fitted and modified Sidewinder is awesome for chasing high-grade USS. o7

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    The Cobra MkIII is not my favorite ship, but it's one of them. I has to remain one of the best ships, because the game engine is named after it!

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    Still in love with my Eagle mk 2, great ship for everything (ok wing trading is not its strength). Have 3 atm for different purposes.

    My Cobra MK 3 is used from time to time for some smuggling, it is definitely a good ship.

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    Cobra Mk III earned the reputation I needed for Cutter and Corvette (both well prior to the 2.x and 3.x changes). It's a great little ship; tiny but mighty. Congrats.

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