Casual Crew is a small group of about a half-dozen active players. Our ages range from mid-30's to mid-60's with the average age probably being late 40's to early 50's. We are a very laid back group with no drama. We have a player faction at Tobala System and we do work the BGS in order to expand. No Power Play thou, you are free to stay independent or pledge to whomever you want.

Currently we have players from Ireland, Canada, and the USA. Our Commander runs a computer store in Nova Scotia, the Vice Commander is a Software Engineer in Ireland. We also have a player who builds and installs cabinets on Luxury Jets, a retired Business Owner who spends part of the year running around the USA in his RV, an IT type who did work for automakers, and myself, a retired Pilot.

We are most active in evenings USA time, but I'm usually on earlier along with one or two others. Personally I would love to see more players during the early afternoon Eastern USA time and again in the wee hours after midnight Eastern (yea I play a LOT )

No requirements for experience, we will help newbies out by doing stuff like sharing Wing Missions (can be around 100M credits per day) and helping with build advice.

We use Teamspeak at:

Drop by and check us out!