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Thread: Animation Suggestions & trailer note

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    Animation Suggestions & trailer note

    This will also be put on wishlist***

    So i just rewatched the launch trailer people asked if we over hyped and a lot was said about what the trailer had in it that isnt in the game. The only thing i just notcied that i wanted to point out and ASK FOR was the trailer has the JP Film electric fences in it!!!! The concrete wall at the bottom with the electric wires/cables above the concrete barrier at the bottom!!!! Why isnt this in the game? Since its in the trailer you know someone thought of it at some point. Can we please get that type of fence in an update please???

    I've ranted a lot about this game simply needing more dinosaur animations and behaviors to make the game great. The game's replayability will come from the dinosaurs feeling alive and each species being unique. New buildings and decorations is only putting lipstick on a pig. If the dinosaurs arent ALL given A LOT of love this game will still be a waste of time. So here are my suggestions for species unique animations:

    Apatasaurus and Diplodicus: tail whip animations to kill carnivores with if they get too close to them

    Brachi/Mamechia: stand on hind legs and stomp with front to kill carnivores with if they get too close

    Velociraptors: (MUST BE HOUSED IN ELECTRIFIED FENCES UNTIL TALLER FENCES OR ROOFED PADDOCKS ARE ADDED INTO THE GAME) Raptors test fences for power, if power is off or after repeated testing the fence shorts out, the raptors climb out of the fence like in JPOG

    Velociraptor: pack hunting- up to 3 or 4 raptors at a time pouncing onto prey; 1 raptor cuts off prey by getting in front of it, after prey stands off with raptor in front of it the other raptors pounce onto it from the side. (When this is implimented, solo kills only occur on goats and small herbs/carns. Anything bigger then a struth/gali/etc requires the raptors to socialize first, then they go into a hunt mode to perform the pack tactics described)

    Deinonychus: Pack hunting- pounce and pile on like velociraptors but they dont use the 1 in front and side attack. Instead they pounce and kick off, weakening the animal, once it gets low enough on health 1 Deinonychus goes for the throat while the others latch onto the legs.

    Dilophosaurus: pack hunting- surround their prey and commence to spit venom. The prey gets disoriented and eventually falls down paralyzed, then the dilos move in to finish it off and eat at their leisure.

    Giganotosaurus: pack hunting- (pack for sauropods only) gigas run in from the sides and take quick bites to bleed out prey. Once sauropod gets to low health it collapses like in an indominous attack. Then gigas go for throat to finish sauropod off before eating. Since Gigas specialize in hunting sauropods they could avoid the new sauropod attacks unlike the other carnivores.

    Allosaurus: pack hunting- (1st allow 2 or more allows in social group) Allos hunting in pairs, 1 goes for throat while 2nd pounces on the side to simultaneously knock the prey over.

    Ceratosaurus: pack hunting- 1 to 2 cerats attack legs and bring a prey down for the 2nd or 3rd cerat to go for throat and finish prey off once on the ground.

    Triceratops/Toro/Pentra/etc: all animals in this genius socialize/herd dominance butt heads and rut. (Pretty simple) it should also be possible for this to be done cross species perhaps if 2 different species attempt to eat from same feeder at the same time to chase 1 species off.

    Pachys/etc: socialize/play: ram heads. Could give us multiple results animations- shake cob webs out of head, 1 falls on its butt or side, 1 walks away on spaghetti legs afterward, 1 spaghetti legs and then decides to lay down to rest

    T-Rex: different hunting animations- the current neck throwing slam is good keep it for some smaller species like Paras, tsitaos, etc..; for edmontosaurus which is a bit bigger a simple neck grab which takes the prey down where it's bitten and no throwing slam; on smaller horned species like sinoceratops that doesnt have offensive horns no fight sequence instead Rex bites it in the back picks it up and rag doll shakes it then drops it to the ground then with it weakened and all but dead it goes for the throat to finish it off; when hunting Trikes and other horned of compareable size it goes into fight sequence, its fight winning animation becomes trike/etc attempt to charge which Rex side steps and bites the trikes back (cant rag doll like smaller ones) after back bite head butts the trikes side to knock it over then it goes for the throat to finish it off.

    Spinosaurus: hunting kills- Spino uses arms. Delete Rex neck slam from arsenal. Spino bites back of throat/head then uses his arms to break it's prey's neck. For horned foes- no fight for smaller ones, it uses it's arms to flip them over and go for neck; for larger horned it goes into fight mode- its kill animation is when trike charges it grabs horns/head with it's hands and violently flips the trike onto it's back to go for throat.

    Velociraptors: hunting- they will hunt stronger prey like trikes- smaller horned they kill with ease using new pack animations; larger horned like trikes if they have high aggressive genes can counter pack attacks and impale raptors with their horns, raptors can still succeed in killing a trike but there is a possibility of failure. Raptors will also attempt to hunt ankys and other armored dinos- they will not succeed- after a pack has attempted once they will learn they cant take that species down and not hunt it again (new raptors will try, old will not). An Anky will use it's tail and kill at least 1 raptor in a hunt attempt but other armored wont kill a raptor they will just be shaken off and give up. (Deinonychus can have same interactions against horned and armored- 1 difference would be trikes can catch velios in mid pounce and impale, for deinos trikes can turn and trample gore deinos, sometimes just flattening them other times flipping them into the air to come crashing down dead.

    Triceratops/large horned: species specific impales when they win fights or just Random win fight kills sometimes impaling through the head, sometimes into side and chest, sometimes against smaller carnivores they will impale and then go up to their head and start rearing up and stomping on them.

    Sucho: hunting- Suchos will go for throat and then croc roll while hooked onto animals throat breaking their neck. (In a perfect world they would be swimmers and drag prey underwater but we prob wont get that far in this game)

    Baryonx: like sucho they will croc roll, but they will go for preys legs and croc roll their legs breaking them....then when the prey cant flea they will attack throat to finish them off. (This is for larger prey, galis and such keep their current animations)

    Camarasaurus: use their neck and upper torso to ram carnivores knocking them down and then trampling them to kill them if they get too close.

    Velociraptors/Deinonychus: will attack rexes and other large carnivores if their comfort level is down or if a packmate is attacked. Will pounce which will lead to rex grabs off body and throws and slams. Spino and indominus can use arms to pull them off and eat them whole.

    Sleeping: for all. Certain herd species could have sleep animations where they sleep curled up next to each other or partially leaning against each other.

    All carnivores: carns that are social should have a play fight/tussel animations with each other as part of their social. Velociraptors could be more brutal biting limbs and such reducing small amounts of health after social fighting.

    Limp: limping animations after a dinosaur has had a fight and is on low health.

    Herding defense: certain herbivores should line up to defend each other from large carnivores to cause a carnivore to back off and not attack. Horned species and sauropods should do this.

    Stegosaurus defense: how about when they win a fight the carnivores attempts to bite their back but cant do damage because of the plates on the back, then we get the spiked tail swipe that could impale head or chest cavity. If they attack chest cavity the carn could stagger a few steps away before collapsing. Stego defense against raptors would allow him to impale pouncers with his tail as well as trample ratoprs he flung off of his side and back.

    Rex/large carnivores: ambush hunting- right now large carns cant catch small ones.. With this they could crouch low while at the edge of tree line (like in the isle) and wait for a small carn to get close. Then spring out and catch one. This could also be used to hunt small herbivores as well to add different animations for the same type of prey.

    Im sure I'll think of more right after i post this and im sure others will add their own animations they want to see. But this is a good start to making these dinosaurs something we want to see and play with for years.

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    I love this suggestions. They should add to the game in the future.

    We need animals, not robots.

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    I have a lot to say on this topic. At the moment, I say YES! Thank you for your comprehensive list of examples. I thought I was the only stubborn one hoping to see much deeper interaction animations. Keep in mind though, the things we’re asking for are not easy stuffs and may take a lot of work.

    I only half-way through your list at the moment but I particularly like the pack hunting of raptors as you mentioned.

    First off, below are the quotes to support your idea.

    Owen Grady:” Velociraptors are pack hunters. They like to herd the animal into a kill zone.”
    Dr.Alan Grant:” You stare at him, and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side.”

    For a more advanced version, the trap shouldn’t only be an ambush trapping, it can involves a chasing as well - where a raptor chase its prey into a designated kill zone where another one is waiting at the front, and two or more are going for sneaky strikes from the sides.

    The interaction animation involved is highly implementable with the current system as all the parties involved are pretty static in motions once the trap is set.

    If I can only pick one among the great list you’ve posted, this is no doubt the first one we all like to see.

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    Honestly giving more love to the dinos currently present would be better than just putting in more and more functionally identical dinos as DLC. It's the second thing on the list of things that would get me interested in this game again, behind (obviously) proper sized maps.

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    The other day I was thinking how cool it would be for Ceratopsians to flush blood into frills for display and intimidation. Chasmos, Toros and Pentas would look terrific!!! Same colors as they are but just suddenly more vibrant and bright. Same with Stegos, Kentro, Chunkings and Huayangos maybe. I'd love to see four legged dinos bully each other and push, like cows and bisons. No clipping would help.. for the sleeping, I think most members of a species should rest at the same time, again like herd mammals or birds, and have a watch.

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    Originally Posted by Flint2025 View Post (Source)
    ...this game will still be a waste of time. ...
    Was more or less with you up until this point when I realized reading the rest of your post would be a waste of my time. Better luck next time.

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    Originally Posted by jessydion View Post (Source)
    The other day I was thinking how cool it would be for Ceratopsians to flush blood into frills for display and intimidation. Chasmos, Toros and Pentas would look terrific!!! Same colors as they are but just suddenly more vibrant and bright. Same with Stegos, Kentro, Chunkings and Huayangos maybe. I'd love to see four legged dinos bully each other and push, like cows and bisons. No clipping would help.. for the sleeping, I think most members of a species should rest at the same time, again like herd mammals or birds, and have a watch.
    That would be really cool! I'd love to see that too.

    Speaking of color displays...... Can the Indominus get some love and get his camo/invisibility ability??? It would be great to have him go Predator and basically disappear, the only way to find him to go to the map and find his tracker. Leading to another possibility of having the Indominus remove his tracker. The easy thing would be for him to simply disappear from the map if he escapes and they can say his tracker was removed, for us to actually find him by sight, maybe even require us to tranq him ourself. But even cooler would be if he went Predator and removed his tracker while still caged. They could send us on a mission to investigate the paddock because he isn't showing up.... Then it's up to you to open the gates and attempt to locate him inside his paddock. If you plan ahead and bring in the chopper you could tranq him before he escapes but if you don't he could dash through the open gate or something.