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Thread: HazRES confusion.

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    what ever res you are in, if the spawn rate bites a relog or 2 usually fixes that.
    also, carry some gold, there is a reason the pirates tell you to do that, it does attract them.

    I go into haz res's or assassinate missions always carrying 4-8 gold, and as another person said above, I also tend to tag everything in site that's wanted and often have my slf working on keeping them occupied wile I am tagging, then go for the slaughter. and after they are all gone if nothing shows up again within 1-2 minutes, I relog...
    that improves the credits per time frame and a slight increase in challenge.
    If you ever want more challenge, go to a system where you have no allies and its in civil war or war, kill clean ships belonging to both warring factions, then once your rep is hostile with both factions, go into a cz. You won't be able to join a side, but they will happily all fight you.

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    If you want Haz RES or CNB to be a bit more hazardous, take some cargo in your hold.

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