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Thread: How to fly a Cutter in combat, use to a Vulture

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    Originally Posted by idahosurge View Post (Source)
    So to finish ranking up to Elite Trader I bought a Cutter the end of 2016 since I could get so much more cargo space than the T9 I had at the time. Also since the Cutter with shields and shield boosters was impervious to NPC attack when interdicted.

    Early this year I put two 3C beam lasers, four 2D beam lasers and one 4B cannon on the Cutter and off I went to a Hi Rez site. All weapons are gimbaled, no turrets. My Cutter has 8D thrusters upgraded to L5 dirty drives and is as maneuverable as I can make it in the current configuration. I do not remember why I went with 8D thrusters instead of 8A, but I did. Probably something to do with wanting as much jump range as I could get.

    In the Hi Rez site the Cutter flies like a beached whale or I am so used to my Vulture I can not get the hang of it. It takes so long for the Cutter to complete any turn I could not kill any NPC's so I took it back to Jameson Memorial, docked it and have not tried to use it in combat since. I did try with FA off and that was no help at all. It still took way to long to make a turn.

    I would like some advice on how to fly my Cutter in a combat zone so I can actually kill some NPC's.

    I am looking for something new to do in the game so I thought that I would give combat with my Cutter another try. I just need to know what I am doing wrong.
    Three letters "S L F"

    Get a big enough fighter bay (2 ships) so you can alternate building SLF's while recently destroyed ones have time to recycle.

    Even if you don't want to pay higher-rated NPC crew enough to be really effective, you can hire (and fire) the cheap ones to help take the heat off of you (SPAM in a can)...

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    Originally Posted by Good Death View Post (Source)
    According to the forums I'd say in reverse.
    This. Sit back and watch the rage.

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    I've got a cutter for mat farming. It's covered in turrets, handles like crap, and is in no way enjoyable to fly.

    I'd recommend a Vette or Anaconda for your large ship combat needs. They aren't exactly nimble themselves, but they're far less drifty, and you don't need 20km to turn around.

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