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Thread: fueling srv

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    Originally Posted by Ashnak View Post (Source)
    No chance. Sulfur has an atomic mass of 16, so you'll need 16[1] Hydrogen to get 1 Sulfur, and that is without the power for the converter. So all in all, the exchange rate would probably closer to 25...100:1

    [1]Yes, I know. Hydrogen as a gas usually is molecular as H2, so it might only be 8 H2 for one S. But you all know Murphy, and he'll kick you when you least expect it.
    Monatomic Hydrogen or Single H the go juice of choice in Heinlein's Space Cadet IIRC.

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    Originally Posted by Maenden View Post (Source)
    You're confusing the atomic mass with the atomic number.
    Oops, you're right. Sorry about that.

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    Space Legs will allow us to get out and push the SRV, right? I mean, it has to.

    That was supposed to be humorous. I'm not sure if it was, though.

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