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Thread: I logged.

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    Originally Posted by NeilF View Post (Source)

    When I used to PvP pirate, it was kinda of frustrating to do it as constructively as possible, and give clear coms to someone you've interdicted simply to come to a halt for terms, only for them, after a long pause, to disapper (as they've 15s logged out). In effect taking advantage of my good/fair gameplay to escape the situation.

    This ultimately meant that all too often any slow coms at all means pirates open fire trying to do as much damage as possible assuming their victim is 15s logging out. And of course the CMDR in question may not be logging out, and just might be slow to communicate/react.

    It just makes the situation unnecessary unpredictable. ie: If pirates can clearly see a CMDR is not 15s logging out, the pressure is off!

    So, personally, when a CMDR is logging out to menu if their 15s countdown was shown to all players in the instance, this would make far more sense - They are using a game mechanic it exit the instance, and possibly any danger they are in. I'd also personally suggest that if they are hit within that 15s, another 15s it added to it once to make a total exit time of 30s.

    Ultimately, exiting to menu should NOT be a way to escape danger, and magically disappear from other CMDRs who have no idea what is taking place.
    It's really sad to me that pirates who add really fun gameplay are hit the most. My best Elite experiences were from pirates. Cpt. Hooch pulling my T7 over with a Python friend, then escorting me to station after he took some of my cargo. Muffindrake blowing my butt up because I tried to run my first time, knowing nothing. I miss that stuff. Really reward everybody in that kind of interaction and I think the game would do well. Hooch escorted me before any kind of dividends. Heck, let a pirate sign on right there and then with the trader and reap rewards in my book. Reward that stuff.

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    Originally Posted by Morbad View Post (Source)
    This would defeat the purpose of the timer.

    The timer isn't there for the benefit of the one logging off, it's there to deter them from doing so while in danger by allowing 15 seconds for whatever is happening to happen. Otherwise the game would just close, with no timer, and you'd immediately vanish.

    Personally, I think logging off while in danger should immediately prompt a confirmation window, where if you click accept, the client turns into a minimal background process that simply hosts your ship and/or your instance for the next 60-300 seconds before closing completely.
    Agreed. Make it so.

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    Originally Posted by FalconFly View Post (Source)
    SOL ?

    That place went downhill a long time ago. Definitely a Griefer, I've seen far more friendly traffic in any CG Systems than in SOL
    (like... seriously, that System is like a PvP/FFA Gank hub or something. I'd rewrite the System Map to reflect its lawless state that even rivals Lave in its worst days xD )

    There's your "C&P" at work, right in the "cradle of humanity" - which IMHO should be a maximum Security System, considering all the Governments and Corporations there.

    Anyway, a Low Wake is 100% legit. Then logging when in SC is not needed and not good style. Rather High-Wake after dropping out of SC again within a few Seconds, that'll work just as fine and doesn't involve any logging.
    As said, SOL in Open is a true {4char}hole, at least in my experience. Can't recall a visit there when I was not attacked, not a single time. Not a good place to hang around unless you seek PvP encounters.
    I actually kinda like that it's so rough in Sol. It feels realistic. Washington DC has some of the highest crime rates of any city in the US, and so it kinda makes sense that Sol would have such high crime rates.

    By the way, I'm back in open grinding missions for rank in Sol, but my outfitting has changed and my outlook has changed. Many of you have made suggestions for how to handle these confrontations and now I feel like I'm ready for anything. I still might get smoked, but I feel like I know how to respond to an interdiction now. I plan to follow through with my escape in game, and not log out as soon as I hit supercruise this time. I've been doing what I can to avoid interdictions in the first place too. Checking my radar, scanning other CMDRs for FSD Interdictors, keeping a wide berth around the Sun... I plan to continue playing this game in open, and keeping in character because I think that's how this game should be played!

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