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Thread: Hi, I'm new. I may need guidance!

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    Originally Posted by Para Handy View Post (Source)
    That was an accidental homage hahaha.

    See my edit.

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    Hi Lucky how's it going? I suspect by now you've probably discovered a ton of unanswered questions now you've dipped a toenail in the water. Well you've hit the jackpot here, if these guys don't know something about ED then it's not worth knowing!
    If you're having any problems with the button and keybindings in general or a particular section (e.g camera controls) I have screenshots of all my settings which at least would give you something to work from. Then you can modify them to your taste if you wish. Fly safe! o7

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    Originally Posted by Para Handy View Post (Source)
    Looks like you will soon find yourself in the Dangerous Discussions cesspit forum asking for the AI to be made harder and that others should "git gud".
    True, or he'll be the one hunting us old 'uns before long I'd wager.

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