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Thread: Important Community Update

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    ED 4.0? Hmmm, my pointless and ill informed guess is smaller update June 2019, big update November/December 2019.

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    Originally Posted by wstephenson View Post (Source)
    C'mon, 4th quarter - are you new here, or something?
    But ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE so surely (not that long)?

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    Originally Posted by Sterlino View Post (Source)
    I wonder how many months of "emptyness" will awaits us after the last update of beyond.

    I only hope that will, at least, have an official announcement this december of what it will be the next expansion...

    please tell me it will be so.
    Unlikely I'd say. They generally don't announce too far in advance - Beyond season being a bit different in that they did leak the general outline. I wouldn't expect to hear anything about "4.0" until well into the middle of next year. Apart, perhaps from the pricing/sales structure. It may not be sold as a season as such, but more one standalone big release or something like that.

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