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Thread: Let's talk about Gnosis and the Cone Sector

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    Here are my thoughts:

    1) Due to time difference, the "surprise" was not spoiled for me. I purposefully avoided the forums and social media this morning before logging into the game to experience the event myself.

    2) The Thargoid attack really wasn't that much of a surprise because of various hints. However, the way it's being executed is brutal. I'm in a fairly tough Keelback, and I can't even get clear of the landing pad before I'm sent to the rebuy screen. I didn't come all the way out here to fight Thargoids, I came out here to explore, and that's how my ship is configured. Now I'm stuck in a hangar bay for who knows how long, which is the very opposite experience of exploring.

    3) If the Gnosis was never able to jump into the Cone Sector, then it should have been just as obvious as it is that I cannot personally jump into the Cone Sector. Using Thargoids to punish eager explorers who were led to believe this expedition was a viable venture is just cruel IMO. It quite frankly feels like a big middle finger directed at your explorer community, many of whom have no interest in combat in general, let alone combat with end-game "boss" ships like the Thargoids attacking Gnosis.

    4) I do appreciate what I think you were attempting to do, but it was executed all wrong IMO. Had we actually been able to make it into the Cone Sector, and had we been given a chance to clear the Gnosis before being attacked (instead of being destroyed on the pad), then this would have been the exciting adventure I was expecting. You didn't have to unlock the entire Cone Sector. Surely the Gnosis entering one system wouldn't have spoiled your "future narrative". But if it truly would have, then Canonn should never have been able to set a course there to begin with. Hundreds of eager explorers being slaughtered on the landing pads of the Gnosis after weeks of preparation is NOT the narrative you should be pushing right now...

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    Originally Posted by aymerix View Post (Source)
    I don't have any hatred. I am sad. Very sad. The biggest event since Salomé for: news published too early, a bug, and an impossible dream (jump to Cone)
    I have been playing since 2014, have recorded more than 120 videos to help beginner pilots and have 15000 followers on my channel exclusively dedicated to Elite. I created several websites for the community, discord servers etc. this community talks to me: At the moment many players do not understand.

    No, it's not hate or bashing. This is a disappointment that will have very serious consequences in the future, I think.

    This is my worst moment on the game ever for me.
    It seems you and I have very similar viewer bases and subscriber numbers - and this is exactly 100% my reaction. The issue isn't that it was leaked early, as it trying to be spun here - it's that the community was lead along for a farce - it's even worse to know now that they never had any intention of allowing us to jump into Cone and that thousands of commanders spend thousands of hours working to plan for the "event".

    This really is Elite at the lowest point I've seen in my 2 years, 3800 hours and 15,000 subscribers.

    It's very, very sad.

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    There comes a point when the decent thing to do is set aside the "corporate speak" and act as if you're speaking directly to another person.

    FDev, you screwed up.
    You misled a heap of people and then you botched the "prank" you decided to enact.
    You did this just after cancelling content for Q4.

    I'd suggest the following:-

    1) Apologise.
    2) Explain how you are going to do things differently, moving forward, in order to avoid a repeat of this shambles.
    3) Consider whether it's wise to keep listening to whoever comes up with the ideas for these "pranks".

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    Originally Posted by Straga View Post (Source)
    With this info now coming out that the jump was never going to happen anyway, I wonder why Frontier just didn't say "No" to the proposed flight plan.
    I mean the Gnosis' flight plan is always subject to review by FDev anyway so they could have reviewed it, noticed it was jumping to a non locked system in an otherwise locked zone, corrected the error and THEN said no.
    There would have been no drama, no horrible fallout and we would have been none the wiser that the Cone Sector is in fact reserved for future content which was now confirmed here.

    All that would have been needed was for FDev to ask Canonn to keep quiet that their proposed flight plan was rejected.

    Likely didn't notice in time, due to the system itself not being locked. With their talk of god-modding, it seems that Frontier didn't want this jump to occur, but they missed their normal opportunity to veto it. They could either backtrack and admit a mistake, or try and work it into an event. Unfortunately, lack of preparation time meant the event itself doesn't appear to have been tested, and the premise of the "event" itself was doomed to disappoint from the beginning. Frontier shouldn't have advertised it like there were discoveries to be made in the Cone if they never intended for us to go there.

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    IMHO most people at the GNOSIS are not upset because the exposed GALNET posting, but for the fact that there seems to be a complete disconnect with the community..

    People worked hard to get to the GNOSIS, lots of engineering but also jumping all the way (some people +50 jumps), to be part of a fun mission of science and exploration.. a way to escape from the grind!

    and.. what do they get in return? More mindless griding!

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    No. Just no. Everyone defending this is either misguided or simply failing to appreciate the work and effort that went into some exploreres getting out there to the gnosis in anticipation of exploring somewhere new.

    I am disappointed with the explanation and reasoning given by FD in this thread. As for the no fire zone bug.... Really FD? No one in QA thought of this? No one at all?

    What i will do now is uncertain. I could head back to the bubble, as I have no combat capabilities and no way tp equip my ship on the Gnosis. But to be honest, i think i will just quit e d for a while.

    Massive own goal FD. Complete waste of a lot of explorer cmdrs time and effort. Poor communications, and really, this thread, is like salt in the wound. So bad job there too.

    Honestly, it feels like you guys woke up this morning, looked at the forums, and thought, woah, didn't see any of that happening.

    Time for a complete overhaul of the community development team.

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    Having missed the Galnet mix up and looking forward to seeing what happened when I get home this evening I'm entirely fine with how this is playing out from a story perspective.

    Cannon: We're going to jump to a place and be stuck there for a month.

    Me: Sounds interesting, I'm in.

    Galnet: Don't go, it's really messed up in there so we're locking it down.

    Cannon: We're going anyway.

    Me: Ace.

    Jump attempted, everything's gone horribly wrong

    Me: Well that was kind of expected (and if we're being honest really quite well telegraphed - something bad was going to happen)

    Looking forward to sticking my head above the parapet when I get home and getting it repeatedly shot off. And If I can get out it's only an hour's jumping from home and another 1.5m in UC data.

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    Originally Posted by Ezzy View Post (Source)
    No, we thought there would be actual effort for enjoyable gameplay. Didn't matter what it was made up of, just ANYTHING new. Now Gnosis isn't even going to the "unknown".
    See the issue now?
    Originally Posted by Scytale View Post (Source)
    You don't understand, right ? Everybody was hoping there would be problems. The thing is we didn't even jump !
    Huh ? The servers are closed ?

    The game does not work anymore ?

    Perhaps it would be good to let the time to "repair" the GNOSIS and see if it finally jump ?

    Perhaps it is a signal to CMDRs to prepare a well equipped ship before THE JUMP ?

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    Originally Posted by er1c View Post (Source)
    You can try to explain to them what means the "Dangerous" of the game title.

    I know you are very experienced player because i've seen many of your videos and decided to join the Gnosis after the video you've made of it.

    You serously expected to jump in the unknown without any problem ???
    Yes, Why not?
    Why moving 11,000 players to this place? Why so much teasing from Frontier and Canonn for no reason? There's nothing interesting or fun about doing that.

    Yet another example: "Me too. 1 month of game, an unique event: a monumental failure. I'm starting to regret my purchase.


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    I think it was a brilliant way to stop a player initiated thing they didn't want to happen, rather than saying "No the Gnosis can't do that" they interdicted it with a whole new class of Thargoid and created a major event. Love that youtube video of the FDL bailing while the attack was happening , did anyone manage to get any licks in for the bipeds?

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    Lacking all that is needed or expected

    The biggest disappointment with this statement from FD is the total lack of empathy for the 11000 players...

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    What lore? The pace at which you are putting new lore and story out is so slow it's unreal.

    This was an opportunity for the community to "creat your own story".

    At the least I think, (and this is just my opinion), you could have let the jump happen then attack. Set up the resucue megaships to jump back and forth and slowly rescue the Gnosis.
    Jump in the cmdrs looking for a fight and protect all the ships.

    That would have at least been different.

    Loading up rescue megaships with people jumping to that system every few hours or so.

    I've been playing since beta have nearly 30 weeks of game play, there story hasn't really moved that much.

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    I have the sneaky suspicion that you're making this up as you go along aren't you?

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    Originally Posted by Giddien View Post (Source)
    The biggest disappointment with this statement from FD is the total lack of empathy for the 11000 players...
    Actually, the Pew-Pew players are having a fine time popping those explorer ships that do manage to get off the launch pads, according to reports.