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Thread: Status on Focused Feedback Forums

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    Status on Focused Feedback Forums

    Hello Commanders,

    We wanted to give you an update regarding the numerous Focused Feedback forums. We recognise that it has been some time since we’ve spoken about the topics covered but rest assured, the team have been hard at work in shaping the final chapter of the Beyond series of updates.

    If you’re unfamiliar how the Focused Feedback forums function, allow us to explain in detail. The Focused Feedback forum section is a platform which allows us to present you with proposals on upcoming game features. With your feedback, this allows us to potentially tackle any problem areas we might have missed, or areas in which a feature can be improved upon.

    We realise that it’s been some time since you’ve heard about those features, but we want to assure you that the team appreciates the time taken to discuss, scrutinise, and critique Focused Feedback topics. While the team have not been able to address each and every piece of feedback we received, we can confirm that the vast majority of discussions have been extremely useful in reviewing those features before they are released later this year.

    In the coming weeks, you will be able to see the new content in game for yourselves in our planned public beta tests. We’ll also be showing it off for the first time in a series of pre-beta launch livestreams.

    We also wanted to take a moment to talk about the Powerplay discussions. Whilst this was never planned as part of the Q4 update of Beyond, it is still a feature that we wanted to collect feedback on and investigate and we thank you for that. The discussions players have had about Powerplay give us strong guidance on how we may revise the feature in the future.

    What’s next?

    Later today we’ll be presenting to you our vision for Exploration improvements, in a post on the forum, and we look forward to hearing what you think. As this topic will function differently from previous Focused Feedback topics, we’ll be asking you to share your feedback on the thread itself.

    In addition, over the coming weeks, we’ll be presenting you summaries of the features coming to Beyond’s final chapter in a series of social and forum posts, and you’ll be able to test them for yourself in the public beta – of which we will have more details on very soon.

    In preparation for the beta, we’ll be archiving existing Focused Feedback discussions. We would like to once again thank the community for their feedback on all the topics so far, it has been immensely valuable.

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    Thanks Will, looking forward to it.

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    YES! Long overdue and very welcomed!

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    Looking forward to it

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    announcement of announcement confirmed!

    repped for not using the word "exciting" once in a post of considerable length.

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    Excellent news today guys! Also did not expect beta so close! Nice!

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    Thanks for the update Will.
    I'm chuffed that the exploration FF is going to happen.

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    Krait news

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    Hooray for everything!

    Not Flimley.

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    Do I sense Open-Only PowerPlay getting closer?

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    Looking forward to the update!

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