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Thread: Unclear result with Colonia Engineer

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    Unclear result with Colonia Engineer

    Date & Time of Occurrence
    13/09/2018 19:00


    None / N/A



    Ship Type

    Commander Name
    Ian Doncaster

    Over the week 6 September to 12 September a small group of us carried out 10,010 (ten thousand and ten) G1 Engines upgrade rolls with Mel Brandon at the Brig in Luchtaine, roughly evenly mixed between the three distinct blueprints.

    Some way through this - probably at around 5,000 upgrades - the Engines mod went from fourth on the list of available blueprints in the local news item at the base to first (i.e. from below the lasers to above the lasers). No other module at any Colonia engineer appears to have changed its position in the list since the launch of 3.2

    However, the module remains at G1.

    Would you be able to check for us, please:
    1) Have the 10,010 rolls been recorded correctly?
    2) Is the change in the news article sort order expected behaviour?
    3) Should the change in sort order have been accompanied by a grade increase?

    Apologies for this being a little vague as to what the bug is or if there is one - as we don't know exactly what's supposed to happen in this scenario it's difficult for us to know whether what we're seeing is intended behaviour or the result of a bug where the upgrade threshold is being reached (so it sorts higher up the news article) but not applied (so Mel Brandon still only offers G1 Engines)


    Steps to Reproduce
    1) Carry out 10,010 upgrade rolls on a single module type with a Colonia Engineer
    2) Check sorting of items in the news article
    3) Check grades available at engineer

    Additional files?

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    We've now put 4,488 into Pulse Lasers as well - the sort order changed at 4,000 ... but no sign of G2 mods.

    Could we please have some clarification on whether we're doing the right thing, and whether we should have G2 pulse laser and engine now or not.


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    Would it be possible to directly show the progress percentage next to each?

    I don't expect any of this to go quick - so I'd at least wanna see where and how far progress is being made. (just like our personal ranks)

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    Yeah, we definitely need some clarification on this.

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    Hey Cmdrs,

    Very sorry for the delay getting back to you.

    We are currently looking into this.

    I've passed your comments on to get further clarification.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    Originally Posted by QA-Mitch View Post (Source)
    Hey Cmdrs,

    Very sorry for the delay getting back to you.

    We are currently looking into this.

    I've passed your comments on to get further clarification.

    Thank you for your patience.
    Is there any result for this potential bug report? Please inform us any clue. Many players in Colonia are waiting for an official reply.

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    Any news on this? Nearly a month since the last FD response...

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    I understand if Frontier don't want to give away too much detail on the details of how this works but could you check and give answers to the following yes/no questions, please, as that would set a lot of minds at rest:

    A) Is Mel Brandon's skill point total for the Engines blueprint greater or equal to that expected if 23,600 24,700 G1 rolls had been carried out there?
    B) Is the reason for the lack of the upgrade to G2 in Engines that the required skill point total is higher than their current total?

    With those two answers we'll know if this is working is intended or not.


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    We had very basic questions that easily could have been answered within hours.
    Yet, a full month has passed and none of the 100+ people supposedly working there was able to take 2 Minutes to fire a response to QA with clear numbers?

    Smells fishy to me...

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    Smells like someone made a bad game design call, and the D&D group isn't buying pizza for the DM...

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    Any update on this?
    Will this change in Chapter 4?
    As described here it currently takes 500,000 rolls for a single module to get to grade 2! This can clearly not be intended.