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Thread: Stuck trespass message

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    Stuck trespass message

    Date & Time of Occurrence
    14/09/2018 10:08 game time


    None / N/A



    Ship Type
    Imperial Clipper

    Commander Name

    Seems that the 'trespass' warning message got stuck while I was messing around in external camera view trying to look at my shiny new paint job.
    I heard the warning at which point I hit the throttle - which was cool anyway for the engine trails - I then messed about trying to get decent view of the ship for a bit so was quite a few km away from the station

    Steps to Reproduce
    1) Set course to exit station at leisurely pace - slow enough to trigger the warning
    2) Before being clear of the toast rack, go to external camera
    3) Return to cockpit view some time later and observe the stuck notice. Looks like the prox warning was lit too - hadn't noticed that until the screenie

    Additional files?
    journal entries I just found..
    "timestamp": "2018-09-14T10:07:18Z",
    "event": "ReceiveText",
    "From": "Goldberg Orbital",
    "Message": "$DockingTresspassWarningComms;",
    "Message_Localised": "Unauthorised access infraction detected, clear starport immediately to avoid lethal response",
    "Channel": "npc"

    "timestamp": "2018-09-14T10:07:22Z",
    "event": "ReceiveText",
    "From": "Goldberg Orbital",
    "Message": "$DockingOffenceCleared;",
    "Message_Localised": "Starport infractions cleared, docking privileges restored.",
    "Channel": "npc"

    "timestamp": "2018-09-14T10:08:01Z",
    "event": "ReceiveText",
    "From": "Goldberg Orbital",
    "Message": "$STATION_NoFireZone_exited;",
    "Message_Localised": "No fire zone left.",
    "Channel": "npc"

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    Hey disorganise,

    Thanks for the report.

    I'll check this out.

    EDIT: I've not been able to reproduce this.

    If you can get a video of this happening that would be helpful to this investigation.

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    I've experienced a similar effect, albeit it's with the docking countdown timer rather than the trespass warning.

    1. Have an automatic docking computer installed.
    2. Close to 7.5km or less and request docking.
    3. Stop so that autodocking can start.
    4. Switch to external camera.
    5. Return to cockpit view.

    The blue docking timer should remain stuck on the HUD. The timing (returning to cockpit after your ship has landed) might matter, it might not. Freecam and camera UI might or might not matter too, I haven't tested it much myself.

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    Sorry, my video capture stopped working a while back and I can't figure out how to fix it - shadow play says it's enable but doesn;t actually do anything :/