update...and i thought I'd share my opinions.

When the game launched i was pretty heavily critical of it and my perception of what the game was lacking. I was so heavily critical that i got a lot of negative feedback...not just here but on youtube too after a youtuber used my review to make a video. This post will probably result in negative feedback too...but i think its important to stick to your stand by your views. Nothing changes without discussion and feedback.

This 'update' it a good first step? Maybe. But it is certainly not the holy grail that some people are making it out to be.

My primary issue can be metaphorically seen like this. If you build a house on bad foundations...the house cane be beautiful and amazing...but its still at risk of collapse. JWE is this for me. The foundations of the game are no where near strong enough at the moment. Theres many BASIC things that they still havent fixed -

1) We still dont have proper good dino AI (No sleeping, poor socialising, no pack hunting)
2) We still have many copy paste animations
3) We still have no decorations and no way to make our parks feel unique or interesting
4) We still have limited terrain editing tools
5) We still have a lack of replayability (challenge mode doesnt add this in my eyes)
6) We still have a lack of interesting gameplay beyond constant clicking
7) we still have a lack of proper park management.

Its my view that this all need to fixed and should be fixed FIRST...before updates adding challenge mode...before any paid make a good solid foundation for the game...then...give us new dlc...give us new game modes...give us whatever you like frontier...a nice cake on a rickety table is still a nice cake but inevitably that table will collapse...and i think its really easy to see that the game still has problems. Steam players since the update have hardly gone up massivly...and i dont expect to see a lot of longetivity in this challenge mode...and heres why...

Challenge mode tasks us to build a park in a set time to set is that any different to going round the 5 bland islands? ok you have a time limit (which is a pretty basic challenge) but thats it? So...challenge mode is just building the same bland parks again that you have already done before. (i havent even finished Isla Sorna because the game bored me to death by that point).

I just dont have the interest in this game anymore. And until the devs do something about those terriable foundations...i can't see myself ever coming back to the game. I hope that the devs will actually do something about it patch...but i have a feeling that wont be till xmas now...i await some decent news...