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Thread: I have no words. [Massacre missions supposed fix 3.2]

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    Originally Posted by MDHansen View Post (Source)
    snip. I truly miss the npc being alive
    Ohh me too best ever gaming experience I had was back then. Adrenalin, swearing, satisfaction and even disappointment leading to improvement.

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    Originally Posted by Garris View Post (Source)
    Ohh me too best ever gaming experience I had was back then. Adrenalin, swearing, satisfaction and even disappointment leading to improvement.
    Oh I see, PVP and PVE on the same note.. Pity I did not experience it

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    Originally Posted by Lex Fernetti View Post (Source)
    Oh I see, PVP and PVE on the same note.. Pity I did not experience it
    Yes it was exactly like that. Sarah made some awesome changes to the NPCS. Running away from them was a needed tactical route sometimes. You would have loved it, I'd bet, Lex

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    Yeah I did one of these missions the other day, it's a damn sight better than not being able to find any targets at all like it was previously but I think your right OP, it doesn't really make sense that all the other Pirate Pals just sit there and watch their mate get blown to smithereens.

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    Combat is broken and has been for months. The newest and best is the dead HazRez bug.

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    All i can suggest is people keep bumping this thread until FDev fix them, the fact they have been broken for so long to me is an indication they either have no clue how to fix them, or simply just don't care.

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    In the mean time, if you want them all to shoot at you, just shoot then all when you drop in. I do it all the time for funzies ... Only sometimes do I slightly regret it. Lol

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    Originally Posted by Garris View Post (Source)
    but but but Turkey shoots are supposed to be fun and deliberately easy so little Johnny doesn't lose his ship.
    Challenge was whipped out of ED after the "NPCs are too hard" scream fest.
    There’s a difference between making combat easier and lazily turning it into a design situation that doesn’t make sense at all. I agree with the author: it simply feels ridiculous that a group of ships fly together and completely ignore the fact that they’re being picked off and obliterated one by one - a fruit fly would have more causal understanding. Haven’t been on forums for a Long while and kind of just visited to see where things are. Straight away I see that ED is where I left it, bit of a lost cause at this stage. Bummer; next time.

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    proposed solution:

    get them to act more like real people would in similar situation- there would be some stronger and some weaker members - if you attack one, a few of his pals might join (random number) while few others would scatter and hold back to see what happens. So you’d end up with random batches instead of just one at a time or everyone at once.

    Would that degree of ‘shading’ really be so difficult to implement instead of the all or nothing scenario, neither of which seems realistic or fun?

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    I don't see the issue.

    You can take massacre missions which usually require to kill a set amount of pirates. One after each other.

    Then there are assassination missions, solo and wing type.

    In both cases it's advisable to scan the target system and then there are three options (pre-determined, not choosable by player).

    Scan reveals a position in the system where the target can be found (USS). 80% of cases your assassination target will interdict you on your way and starts attacking you.

    If no spawn in supercruise then go to the body, find your USS and find your target(s), can be one or 2 or 3 for solo depending on threat level.
    Most often you find other NPC ships who ask for help cause they were attacked by said pirate(s). Of course these won't attack you, only the pirate(s).

    Third you are informed to find a mission contact in another system who reveals you the final target destination.

    Wing missions provide target wings instead of solo targets.
    Though accepting more than one assassination mission for the same system often will get you more than one if not all mission targets in the same instance when being interdicted.

    Bottom line a lot of variety and I highly recommend to fly a wing assassiantion mission and stack it with other assassination ones.
    Good luck when you have a FDL wing and 2 Corvettes/Condas in your instance.

    Imho a lot of fun.
    My only disappointment is that FDev replaced the original wing assassination targets by FDL wings where before you could fight against one of the big 3 plus its FDL/Viper/... buddies.

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