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Thread: Current market price awareness under the stress of an interdiction

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    Originally Posted by Para Handy View Post (Source)
    Bunch of namby-pamby sissies - our maths teacher kept his strap (tawse) draped over his shoulder under his jacket, he could swipe your palm in seconds - swine - but at least I could handle calculus no bother after him.
    I always suspected some of my teachers felt like they had some of the old privileges methods of teaching rescinded, now I suspect I know what it was. I remember being caned at primary school a couple of times but by 1985 when I started secondary school I think that was frowned upon, if not outright banned.

    Of course, as I admitted above, my mental arithmetic can be described as ‘not too bad’ at best.

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    Originally Posted by aRJay View Post (Source)
    Yet to meet a human pirate,I have met blockaders at CGs who would destroy you if you didn't drop everything immediately and some annoying types that were just destroyng me for being there but no pirates.

    Actually not met any NPC pirates lately while I have been hauling, I have seen them in super cruise and they have sent me encouraging messages about how well my trip has gone but they haven't interdicted me successfully for some time now I have stopped trying to fight it at full throttle.
    I must just be lucky

    Any failure with npc pirates I have now seems to come directly from the amount of undeserved cockiness shown on my part or getting stuck in a gravity well whilst one cheats and appears out of nowhere in one of those super fast, invisible ships they seem to buy from somewhere.

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