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Thread: The new ADS thing.. I'm warming to it.

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    The new ADS thing.. I'm warming to it.

    Well at first I was very concerned, and still am a bit.
    However, I've realised I hardly even open the system map when jumping around.
    Sure, if I'm having to go to a certain place for a passenger mission, or material gathering, then yes, obviously I need to see where I'm going, but generally, I buckyball it

    So, the new mechanic won't make life worse for me, though there's still a few problems need looking at (for example, passenger mission, the destination point should show in system after an initial scan, no cruise ship captain had to hunt for, survey and discover the place he's taking his passengers lol).

    In fact, I'd probably stop and scan a lot more. Currently it's just not worth it, I don't need money, so I'm not interested in looking for high playing planets, and it's impossible to see from the system map if there's anything interesting in any planet in the system.
    Just now I'd have to super cruise for up to an hour to then spend possibly three days eyeballing a planet for anything interesting so I gave up doing that a long time ago.
    The new method would actually make me look for interesting things much more often.

    I know, there are still problem areas, and I think a compromise of the ADS showing at least an outline of a system might be worth thinking about, but yeah, I think it'll work, I see possibilities

    To really be a useful thing though, we're going to need a whole lot more interesting stuff to be hanging around not just on planets, but in space as well, even if it's just cool looking phenomenon, or big meteor storms, weird plasma clouds, I don't know, I'm getting a bit star trek now, but there is a whole load of opportunities here

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    I am cautiously optimistic. Looking forward to the ‘bee-tah / bay-tah’ (beta) in order to form an opinion beyond that.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR IPL Victim View Post (Source)
    I am cautiously optimistic. Looking forward to the ‘bee-tah / bay-tah’ (beta) in order to form an opinion beyond that.
    Should be interesting, hope it's not too far away.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR IPL Victim View Post (Source)
    ‘bee-tah / bay-tah’ (beta)
    Ed and crew certainly had a field day with this on the last livestream. LOL

    Potayto, Potahto
    Tomayto, Tomahto

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    The changes to exploration have significant potential. One important thing is of course how much time we'll be spending getting the basic information on the planets in a solar system compared to today's ADS 'honk'. I presume it will be less instant, but we haven't gotten any indication about how much time we'll spend getting the layout of the solar system before we can start detail-scanning with probes etc.

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    I think the best thing about it is it sounds more "science"

    Exploration should be about reading signals, interpreting data - When Im trading Im thinking about profit per journey, when Im in combat I'm thinking about flying skill and loadout.. When I'm exploring Im currently pressing one button and eyeballing a map..

    The ability to find things on planets will also be awesome (without the need to google it first).. With the ability to actually get signals off of surface points etc some of those boring looking systems we all skip could end up being very worth looking at.

    If the codex also works out this could give the game a real sense of personal achievement for me - I really don't like relying on you tube or this forum for everything

    .. It's all very positive and exciting

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    I don't mind it taking longer *if* there is a high chance that we'll find things that are new and interesting.
    It would feel like a step back if it takes longer to just end up where we were with the current ADS. I know the discovery scanner will then show up certain poi's on planets, but there needs to be an obvious benefit to the new ADS method, and for me, it's the chance to find new objects in space, scan faraway planets for interesting things and probably more money for doing it this way.
    All of this was hinted at in the live stream, so I'm hopeful