The Independent Defence Agency is an Elite Dangerous player group dedicated to making human occupied space a fun and adventurous environment.

The IDA aims to be a community where commanders can have fun and enjoy playing the game, as well as being a place where new commanders can learn. The IDA organizes PvP mini-games, CG patrols,bounty hunting and bug squashing. We help new players to learn to defend themselves against griefers and gankers.

Categorized by the superpowers as a militia, the IDA is committed to providing defence to human civilization against the Thargoids and any other foreign invaders. Currently, we are focused on expanding our presence within our region of space, and assisting with the Thargoid epidemic.

We have experienced and veteran pilots who look after the new players, helping them gain credits, learn about engineers, participate in powerplay, manipulate the BGS and can also provide lots of PVP practice. Our minor player faction is based in Varam and we have recently begun expanding to the surrounding area. We would be honored if you visited.

Our Discord server can be found here.
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