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Thread: Screenshots not saving anywhere

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    Question Screenshots not saving anywhere


    i'm here with quite problem. Since yesterday i wanted to make some screenshots using F10/Alt+F10, all looked working with no problem. But when i wanted to see what it did it cannot be found anywhere. I was looking at both HDD, completly watched whole appdata. but still nothing. Any ideas how to fix this?

    I'm not using steam version,
    Game is on D: drive

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    the path to pictures is C:\Users\your name goes here\Pictures
    you should find where they are stored in a frontier folder if photos are not being taken I would check my control bind settings for a control conflict

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    I know, i was allready there, but still there nothing, in normal pictures not even ED folder, in OneDrive adresary is atlast \Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous, but nothing else, its empty.

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    I would suggest grabbing your control binds folder and putting it on your desktop for safe keeping just for now
    the next time the game runs it will notice this folder is missing and replace it with a default one (which you can simply delete after testing and put back your original)
    whilst the game is in default control mode test if cam works and saves to default location if it does you know theres a control conflict in your original bindings folder control file
    hope that makes sense...………………………………
    you will find that folder in C:\Users\yournamehere\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\options
    er just in case do make sure no anti virus or spyware firewall programes are not blocking elite too just in case {I just temp disable mine when testing)

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    Well, interesting, for some reason my antivirus was blocking that, but was not giving me any info about this. After Disabling it works.
    So, after while trying to make exception for ED i failed, only way how to save screenshots from ED is to manually disable antivirus for while i need to do screen.
    For some reason it wont let me make exception for that, like it not even see it. Atlast now with off it works.

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    yea at least identifying the problem is half way to fixing it