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Thread: Why are ED's rewards so badly balanced?

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    Why are ED's rewards so badly balanced?

    To me it seems obvious that the longer a game activity typically takes to successfully complete, the higher the rewards it should give the player. Otherwise it's not worth the player's time, and so they probably won't bother doing it (once the novelty wears off).

    I don't just mean that a long distance mission should pay more!

    For example, if you are searching for something that randomly spawns on a planet, then the longer it takes to find (on average), the more it should reward the player.
    So if something is rare & takes 100 times as long to find as something common, then it should be roughly worth 100 times as much as that common thing.

    (Similarly, higher risk should mean higher reward, yet (space-based) signal sources hardly provide any reward at all, unless you count gaining kills towards your Elite rating.)

    But this seems to be a pretty foreign concept to FDev, for example the rarer stuff on planet surfaces is generally worth less than the commoner stuff!!:

    * Meteorites (materials) take maybe a few minutes to find the SRV's wave scanner. Most planets have the same common materials, which you do kinda need (and there's no way to buy them), so arguably they always have some value to players (even those with big ships).

    * Crashed satellites & abandoned cargo (sometimes protected by skimmers) are uncommon, so you might only run into one or two per hour (at a wild guess) using the SRV's wave scanner.
    And yet they are virtually worthless! At best you might get say a few tons of gold or narcotics (worth 10k per ton) - maybe a great find for a new player, but virtually worthless once you have a ship that can carry more than 10 tons of cargo.

    * Small buildings are very widely spaced, so you won't find these in the SRV (usually), and instead have to hunt for them with your ship's POI scanner. You are several times more likely to find abandoned cargo (see above), and yet these buildings are generally worth even less! The buildings have either nothing of value, or they have a few rows of mining rigs - from which you can steal a handful of minerals (typically something useless like Uranium, but maybe Gold of you are lucky). Even if they have 'good' minerals, it's not really worth the effort of destroying the skimmers that will defend them. So less common, worth the same or less, but with more hassle (skimmers)...

    * Crashed spaceships are so rare as to be basically non-existent (I can't remember running into one myself), but I believe they only carry a bit of cargo - and so are likely no more valuable than the abandoned cargo you tend to find at POIs anyway. Complete nonsense!

    * Geysers & fumaroles are really rare (I believe you need to find the right planet type & then the right part of a planet *and then* be lucky),
    but going by wikis they only drop materials (of varying rarity), which may not be of much use to many players (seems like you should only search for them if you need rare materials).

    * INRA/Guardian/Thargoid ruins are extremely rare... and yet of virtually zero value (unless you are after some specific Guardian/Thargoid item), as they seem to be mostly just intended for "story" purposes.

    The above scale looks completely bonkers to me. The rarer things are often worth less (and usually no more) than the more common ones, so there is negative incentive to look for them (unless you have a specific mission that needs item X) as you will spend many times more effort for no more (and probably less) reward.

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    Also, some things which are commodities should never have been commodities. Let me take just one thing as an example.

    Escape pods:

    I think it's completely ridiculous that all escape pods are worth the same amount! Returning with an escape pod should be worth anywhere from 2000 cr to 2 million cr depending or who's in it. The likelihood of getting a wealthy person in a pod should, of course, increase in more wealthy systems.

    Recovering escape pods should also be worth more in more dangerous places which Thargoids and slavers frequent too.

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    Why are ED's rewards so badly balanced?
    So the rest of the game doesn't feel left out?

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    I've often questioned certain aspects of rewards there are 4 main careers and lots of little sub careers but I guess it's impossible to balance them all.

    Trading and combat are the best ways to make money tied in with missions, next is mining and exploration so you have your 4 primary ones.

    After that everything else is a bit meh... I mean you could be a deep space salvage guy hunting planets for lost cargo but the rewards are so low I suspect 99% of players would get bored quickly you'd need to be very invested to do it full time. Salvaging canisters on planets is time consuming due to limpets not working on ground targets and limited SRV space.

    Player pirate again relies heavily on being able to scoop and sell and again profit per hour is low because the number of players or NPC's willing to give cargo is low.

    I applaud Frontier for adding things in that aren't the main game meta but a lot of things need work.

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    Why should rare locations on planetary surfaces give you more credits?

    You aren't special. Sometimes a crashed ship is just a crashed ship. Good for you. File a report with your local Pilot's Federation office and we'll dispatch a salvage team never. Have a nice day.