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Thread: Galaxy Map: can you filter by population?

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    Galaxy Map: can you filter by population?

    I seem to remember using a population filter awhile ago. I tried finding some high population stars just now and can’t find the filter. Has it been removed?

    The reason I’m asking is ‘cause I’m trying to find some Unidentified Signal Sources for engineering mats and figured there would be more USSes in highly populated systems.

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    Yes, you can still filter by population. If you go to the state or economy filters there will be a slider below which is quite specific. You can filter for very low populations, massive ones or anything in between.

    I believe there are different USS's in different state systems. I am not sure of the effect on population.

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    Yes. Ouberos +rep. Two sliders, the one on top filter the minimal pop for a system to be displayed. The one below the maximum pop for the system dot to be the bigger. Those are not linear I believe. I use them with high sec as a filter and those two set in their middle to find the nearest system poteially containing tech brokers or mat traders.