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Regional permit locks have [redacted] all in them and in all probability never will, they're there for a just in case Hail Mary update with, y'know, actual new mechanics, plots and gameplay - so maybe after atmos planets, spacelegs, comets and orreries have been added in game they'll look at populating the locked off regions...

- we know one definitely has plot related things in it, given that a system in it has been pointed to in-game for several years.

- we can be fairly sure of some things that are in another.

And for the latter in particular, there’s at least the foundations of a plausible explanation of the origins of the permit lock for that region.

To be honest, what’s missing in many ways is the ability to push this kind of stuff out wider in-game. Player submitted Galnet articles would have provided the mechanism (provided it can be phrased in a way to evade Pilots Federation censorship of course!) in the past but that’s not been possible for a while. Maybe the codex will provide a mechanism for this kind of stuff when it arrives.