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Thread: Hive Radio - Thargoids look like what?

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    Originally Posted by Gosht View Post (Source)
    See an animated version of an artist's depiction...
    It's like watching a low budget b movie.

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    I got the message. I am currently out a way anticlockwise in Guardianland scavving up a bunch of old Guardian junk to trade for these swish new fitments. I will be in contact with The Hive as soon as I am kitted out and ready to rumble.

    I was hoping humans could stay out of the trouble, but I think you are right. We poked the hive and they are coming for us.

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    There is a simple but overlooked answer to the reason we have not recovered any thargoid boddies.
    1) Thargoids have caustic weapons that eat through hulls very quickly.
    2) how long do you think a thargoid body would last in the caustic cloud of a destroyed vessel?

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    Thanks. I'm always around on PC. You're welcome to friend me in-game. Just say you're from here. Currently saving an inhabited system from invasion. Lot's of threat 6's, or t6 as the combat pilots call em, also some t7 and t8's which invariably mean interceptors as well...but that's no fight coz it's 2 different outfits... o7 Gosht

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    Originally Posted by M00ka View Post (Source)
    Doesn't anyone find it strange that after the destruction of hundreds, if not thousands of Thargoid ships, not one Thargoid body has been discovered? Not one floating dead Thargoid floating around amongst all the debris, anyone find that a little strange? No headline grabbing GalNet articles with a picture of a dead Thargoid on an autopsy table with the banner 'This is your enemy, find him and destroy him'?
    Originally Posted by Gosht View Post (Source)
    yeh I'm also thinking that it's about time we got into the biological aspects of this. I mean according to lore they're insects. It's for that very reason that The Hive scientist in the stream is researching insect biology.
    Don't forget: according to lore, this isn't the first time humans have fought these things. We never found any intact bodies from the first war, either.

    But (according to old FFE lore), we did find bits of bodies. Limbs, particularly: insectoid limbs. I am assuming, from the lack of intact bodies, that Thargoids are "spider-like", with chitinous limbs attached to a big, squishy, low-structural-integrity body, so that when they blow up, you're left with nothing but limbs and goo.

    The only in-lore description of a piece of a Thargoid is an arm: mostly black in colour, with occasional bits of other colours: "bright blue and bright green". They have six "fingers" on each "hand"; exactly how many "hands" they have is unknown.

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    We know from the inra base logs, they captured a live one early one and experimented on it. There is of course the earlier (probably non canon) descriptions as well.

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