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Thread: New Scanner as a HUD Overlay

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    Originally Posted by MadDogMurdock View Post (Source)
    I think I'd much prefer the new DS Scanner view to just be an alternate view out of the cockpit.

    I get the need to have a view to support Multicrew, but I think I want to be in full control of the ship if I'm doing it as the pilot, rather than completely blind in the scanner view.
    You know what would be awesome?
    The new scanner view automatically establishing a stable orbit around the body you focus for mapping,
    should you choose to cartograph it.

    Also scanning a body with the ADS could be shown on a separate MFD when not in MC,
    but you should have it as an option to fully immerse in it, whether solo or MC.

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    There are bigger fish to fry, what if some CMDR interdicts my probes while they are travelling in supercruise to a planet.

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    I would either like it to be a large pop-up like station services or a part of the current HUD. I don't like being taken out of the cockpit with the galaxy map or the system map.

    This is my personal preference.

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    Does the image not have the left and right upper hud elements, suggesting it's just part of the hud?

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    The new scanner HUD overlay does not bother me for one simple reason. My ship will be constantly fuel scooping while I scan systems, so no need to fly and and use scanner at same time.

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