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Thread: Gameplay feedback

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    Gameplay feedback

    Hi All,
    I've finished Jurassic World Evolution, and there are a few gameplay changes that I would like to see. Loved the game, but these are my thoughts on what I'd like to see added:

    • It would be useful to toggle the blue Visibility overlay while placing a Fence, so that the Paddock fits the shape of the various viewing platforms
    • Naming Paddocks! "Fence Broken: Velociraptor" is a lot more urgent than "Fence Broken: Struthiomimus"
    • It would be useful to be able to measure the area in a Paddock (Grassland/Forest), rather than having to guess based on a Dinosaur's comfort level
    • Ability to draw large shapes for Paddocks - a large rectangle, or oval, to get symmetrical Paddocks

    • I'm not sure how you'd implement this, but it would be useful to mark out space for buildings that you can't afford yet, so that you don't forget and put something else there

    Dinosaur Behaviour
    • The Socializing interaction is nice, but some variety would be very welcome
    • For example, Dinosaurs could chase eachother "Playing", etc
    • Herd stampedes would be awesome
    • Pack hunting would be a great addition
    • Herd movement in general would be very good to see, so that the more social species tend to stay in clusters, while more solitary Dinosaurs roam alone

    Dinosaur Species
    • Leaellynasaurus is a favourite dinosaur of mine - seen in Walking with Dinosaurs

    Thank you!

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    Jurassic World Evolution Moderator Global Moderator Lora Craft69's Avatar
    Please post your suggestions and feedback in the pinned wishlist here, to ensure the Frontier Developers will see it.

    Thank you.