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Thread: Hey Frontier, thanks for all your hard work on 1.4.

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    Hey Frontier, thanks for all your hard work on 1.4.

    Just wanted to say thanks. It's great that you listened to community feedback and implemented a lot of changes that we were asking for.

    One question. Do you have a strategy on where you want to take this game going forward or are you going to be focusing mainly on community suggestions/improvements?

    Thanks again.

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    Yep, I'd also like to express my gratitude.
    1.4 contains a lot of "small things that make a big difference". I've restarted the campaign and I'm enjoying it greatly.

    Personally the biggest thing for me is the dinos' life span. I love it. I've spent countless hours in last two days five-starring the first two islands (just about to finish Muerta, now) and not a single dinosaur died on me, yet. (the oldest Struthi on Matanceros is about three quarters in)
    I've made a change in my strategy and I'm only releasing dinosaurs with 100% genome and fully modded so that helps, too, but generally, it's just awesome. Naming and caring about your dinosaurs now finally makes sense!

    And there are other things. So thank you!

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    me too thank you Frontier for the great work in only two month, the game is going in the right direction! keep it on!!!

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    I'd like to add to the thanks here, specifically for the cameras.

    I stopped after 95 hours playing time - I haven't even got as far as unlocking Stegosaurus yet - but the addition of those lovely first-person views from the public galleries, the monorail, the hotels, etc, has drawn me back.

    I often felt like the "campaign" was so busy I didn't have much time to enjoy the dinosaurs, but now I'm having enormous fun making new parks in sandbox mode and just watching the creatures do their stuff. So many dinos I've not really looked at up-close up to this point.

    So cheers, Frontier. What a great new function. (Now make me an Argentinosaurus I can buy for two quid and I'll be even happier!)

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    Same here. Never imagined I can enjoy the parks the way it is now. JP Nostalgia is definitely there giving time to spare. Iím binge playing the game now.

    The new fighting mechanic is another major factor here. Dino with similar stats will tend to back off when both of them are low in health. Now I am experimenting on how to put Spinosaurus, Suchomimus, and Baryonyx in a single enclosure without having them killing each other within minutes. Tweaking their genes is so much fun to play with; adding so much more depth and replayability to the game. Hopefully I will reach a golden formula.

    Finally, besides thanking Frontier for the beautiful game, I would like to take a moment praying for those having the game-breaking issue with the update. They deserve to enjoy the game as we do. I hope the issue can be resolved soon.

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    The patch completely broke the game for me.

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    Really enjoying the update. I spent twelve hours in Sorna and only have my first dinos die of old age at the 8th hour. Thank you all so much for the update. Really looking forward to seeing where you go next!

    I sincerely hope there is a way to fix the save file problems that some players are experiencing.

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    A step in the right direction. I will admit that there are still issues with the update and still some things to work on, but this is a step in the right direction. Keep it up Frontier!

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    Deserved gratitude

    I also want to express my thanks to the Frontier team, it takes passion and listens to the community to want to maintain and improve a game that many of us expected for so long. Independent of all the things that must be improved and added, as many others say, we are on a good path as developers and we as players.

    And may life find the way

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    Sending my thanks as well. Can't wait for more JWE updates and DLC in the future!