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Thread: [VIDEO] The True History of the Federation

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    Originally Posted by DNA-Decay View Post (Source)
    I’m in Lave if you’re looking for me, and you know my build from a drunken rant the other night.
    I'll give you a go just to stay sharp. I do like to take the pee, but I have no real hate for the alliance.

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    Originally Posted by Solsticide View Post (Source)
    I was waiting for the "Would you like to know more?" at the very end!

    Nice vid, well made.
    Thanks. Maybe I will think about that in my next video

    Originally Posted by shreddog View Post (Source)
    Good video commander. +rep
    May I suggest adding subtitles for future vids? The google generated does not cut it.
    English is not my language and I have sometimes problems understanding other non native english speakers speaking it.. So to say
    I think adding subs on video as hard subs will make it less nice. But I will try (if I have enough time) to add them on YT.

    Originally Posted by DNA-Decay View Post (Source)

    Awesome video.

    There is some bit of lore that talks about “the Imperial accent”.
    And here they are mocking you for it.
    I don’t care what anyone else says, your pronunciation of “Achenar” is cannon.
    And forever in my mind’s ears Arissa will sound like your sister.

    I’ll raise my glass to anyone who gives the Federation a PR kicking in lore, and I promise not to mention the genocide on Achenar 6D.


    Well done.
    Hehe. Thanks. Yeah! We need to fight with federal propaganda

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    If you are not Fed then you should be dead.

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    Originally Posted by Caldric View Post (Source)
    If you are not Fed then you should be dead.
    I'm proud to be Imperial!

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