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Thread: Assassins Paradise

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    Assassins Paradise

    I happened on to a station that had lots and lots of assassination missions. Plenty of assassinations that paid one million and up with dangerous pilots flying Pythons, Corvettes and Anacondas. I thought I had discovered assassins paradise. Every time I left the station I had three or four missions that all paid over a million, then the system went into a boom state. Suddenly all the guys that were giving me those sweet one million plus assassinations had no assassinations at all, only shipping missions.

    When I finished lamenting, I began to think that maybe I could find other places where I'd be able to find lots of assassination missions by plugging specific attributes into EDDB. Would that work and what properties should I input to maximize my chances?

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    Lockdown, civil unrest, civil war, war... would seem good 'states' to test. Then post how you got on.

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