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Thread: Should Arena free to play?

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    It feels like missed opportunity to me and the backlash along with the poor implementation put the nail in the coffin.
    It could have led onto planet races,assault set pieces.
    Maybe FD will revisit CQC,it feels like it would be a long way down the road,that’s if the community would even allow it.

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    It's been said on here before but CQC would have been an awesome way to handle the naval careers. Play a bunch of cqc scenarios where you're a fighter pilot launched from a Cap ship. Have a bunch of fluff text for the respective navies, fight a bunch of battles in the SLFs, rank up your Fed/Imp/Alliance rank instead of CQC rank.

    Could have been an in-game consentual PVP mode, that made sense in the lore and offered an alternative to rising through military ranks by delivering post.

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    Originally Posted by Un1k0rn View Post (Source)
    Yep'. CQC failed so hard that they literally couldn't give it away.
    ...and still we all have our CQC rank shown in our Elite game, because... ...uhmm... ...nope... idea...

    <shakes head in disbelief>

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    Originally Posted by Joe Gadd View Post (Source)
    If the Arena is a free to play part of the game wouldn't it bring attention to the game, as well as releasing in game content to buy for that specific game mode. Plus it wouldn't be as dead as it now.
    CQC was another game feature released that was given next to no post-launch care other than the occasional bug fix.

    If it had been introduced into the main game and not a stand-alone module then perhaps it would have a larger userbase than it currently has.

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    Thread necromancy is an art. But CQC necromancy? Thatís profane.

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    People PLAY Arena?

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    I have played and still do play at little bit of CGC and definately think there is place for it in the game. However, it does need a bit of an overhaul as it could and should be alot more fun to play, which would in turn boost the numbers. CGC is essentially consential pvp with no ship re-buy costs. Small ships and ship lanched fighters are used because the are piloted remotely and re manufactured when destroyed.

    Intergrating it into the main game would be interesting idea, perhaps making more of flying to the actuall arenas to take part. This would probably help building a community aspect of the game. Have comptetions or tournaments for the indivduals or teams to compete each daily, weekly and monthly at these loctaions, with escalating prizes. For example, if entered into a daily competition the prize could include entry into a weekly comptetion held on a certain day, the prize for the winning the weekly is entry to the monthly competetion, win that and you in the yearly CGC grand final. Of course the credit pay-outs would increase significatly at each stage.

    Your local CGC arena has a number of teams (possibly player run or faction affliateded) based at there. The teams compete in a league for each CGC location, with the winning team over the course of the year gets to go to a grand final to play agaisnt the other winners for their CGC arena, for each of the three game types.

    Also having a games, where the same ship specs are the same, to truly test skill, this would be more fun than current set-up. Duels (1v1) and wing fights (4v4) for each class could also be options. Tournaments where you are the last man standing, where you do not respawn could also be run. Basicallly there are a lot of different types of games that could be programed into CGC that would appeal to different players and styles.

    With a yearly and month competitions this would generate a bit of in game publicity for CGC where results are published in galnet. The superstars of the sport would become rich and famous within the galaxy etc.

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    Originally Posted by Pseudo_Sapiens View Post (Source)
    The closest I got to cqc was looking at the loading screen for 5 mins, waiting for a match. Never looked again, is it interesting?
    Absolutely brilliant once you get in, it was easier for me when I lived out in the Middle East, no issues with matchmaking when I would log on between 11pm & 2 am. Here in the UK I have to log in around 7-10pm for good match making, so pretty much a no go for me.

    FD should definitely give it away as a free to play for Oculus home & vive users, maybe even a stripped down paid version for PSVR.

    Also needs more maps, some low orbit maps around Earth likes would be great, a map near VY Canis would also be brilliant.

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr Eagleboy View Post (Source)
    So they are not into this to compare skill. Good to know
    Skill in the main game != skill in CQC as they are essentially two different games... plus the notion that CQC is a level playing field is also a myth due to unlocks.

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