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Thread: Remember! Your game save in the 3.3 beta may be days or weeks old

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    I will foretell ye this:
    "What my bounty is that low?!!!!!"

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    Originally Posted by Frank Cuttings View Post (Source)
    3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
    Yes. Sadly, that has cause no end of confusion for people when these updates, which are linked to quarters of the calendar, don't match the numeric patch number.

    Since version numbers are arbitrary, FDEV would've been smarter to use Q1 = 3.1, Q2 = 3.2, Q3 = 3.3, and Q4 = 3.4.

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    Originally Posted by Dagwit View Post (Source)
    This was certainly the case for the 3.0 beta. I allied myself with all the factions at Allen Hub just before the beta dropped, so I could test the Smeaton run in the beta, only to find that the save used for the beta had been taken from before I did the allying.

    So if you're planning to build yourself a miner or exploration ship so you can dive straight into the beta's new features, best not leave it too late.

    For myself, the bad news is that I remembered about this while sitting thirty-eight thousand light years from the bubble.

    The good news is that I already have a miner.

    Oh, and an exploration ship....
    Aww, you had to spoil all our fun! Pmsl

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