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Thread: Stuck inside a White Dwarf

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    Just a moment ago I was in my Krait relocating for a haulage loop. It was just a short trek. About 140ly. Can't be bothered to do it with my T9. Anyway, usually I do moving in my exploasp, but I figured I'd take the Krait so I can fight on the way. I set my navigation on economical route through unvisited systems figurin I'd do some mapping. So I also fitted a planetary scanner which I've only had on the asp before.

    No problems at all but when I came across a white dwarf and only had 47ly left I figured I was done with mapping and would make the a last supercharged jump because it's always a hoot.
    Line up perfectly and head into the cone. Flung out before charged. Back again. Stay in. No charge and out. Again. No dice.
    Now I don't know how many times I did this unsuccessfully. I was gnashing teeth and wrenching stick, cursing the game and my ineptitude.
    Then I realised, no fuel scoop.
    Set navigation to fastest route and finished the silly trek in two jumps.
    Shameful, meaningless, non incident

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    Originally Posted by gooddoc View Post (Source)
    I always now enter their system at 0% throttle
    Yeah, I learned long ago that if I see a white glowy star on the jump screen, to spam the x button.

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    Originally Posted by Leadfoot View Post (Source)
    Argh!!! You'll not be tossin' the dwarf out of the game THAT easily, laddy!!!
    You'll be speaking with my axe first! And then the axe of my brother. And my sister. And HER sister! And my mother. Cousins, uncles, nephews, you get the idea!


    :E :E :E

    Sorry Squats. o7

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