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Thread: How do I find Polonium?

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    For Polonium, I'd suggest to check documented Sites of Volcanism. A good site can have 5 Needle Crystals which will yield a total of 15 Polonium.

    (For doing that around Colonia, I still have my old personal list : )

    Trading upwards or from another Group I wouldn't recommend, as the Trade ratios are absolutely horrid. Only ever use that if you urgently require minimal amounts or happen to have huge amounts of lower-grade Elements to spare.

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    Much better than EDDB as it has an extended search range.

    You won't find any planetary body with more than 1.1% Polonium, though.

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    Originally Posted by RJMcReady View Post (Source)
    srv prospecting sucks balls.

    its hateful rng.

    High grade uss is almost as bad
    I wish HGE appeared as often as metallic meteorites. And that I could find them in groups of 3 and they'd be persistent so I could visit them in turn.

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    Originally Posted by Bob Lighthouse View Post (Source)
    Find someplace fairly flat and with good lighting, that way you can go faster.
    I tend look for something near a large crater, where you can see a blast radius, but I can't say if it actually helps.
    Being able to cover ground quickly and easily certainly does.
    Plus your SRV doesn't get beat up as much. OP, my feeling is that it's pretty much pure rng. Shoot rocks until you're completely numb, eventually, you'll find it.

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