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Thread: Great Voice Attack moment

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    Great Voice Attack moment

    I have the ASTRA voice pack for for Voice Attack, set up to call me by my handle and I sometimes "roleplay" in terms of answering questions or listening to her give me recipes and the like. But for the most part I always know what she's going to say.

    However, today I was getting intercepted by a pirate during a mission and he made the quip "So the rumor were true" blah blah blah...

    Except I have an empty cargo hold at the moment (I'm still getting used to the new depot method of mission cargo delivery)

    So I mutter to myself, "I don't have anything on board. Except death."

    And suddenly my computer says. "That's affirmative."

    Well, that was unexpected. Nice to see my computer having faith in my combat abilities

    (it turned out it misheard me: "Except death" came out as "Accepted" which prompted the response. Still, it was a cute moment that made me laugh out loud)

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    My best one was way back before Horizons when I clipped the toast rack on the way into a station, with a T7 full of palladium. I said 'oops' out loud, and voice attack proceeded to boost me into the back of the station, destroying everything. I nearly died from laughing

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    That reminded me of a similar conversation here where some Cmdr on the forum said he sneezed once and Astra popped a chaff and opened the cargo scoop. Made me chuckle !


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    Maybe one day within our lifetimes we'll be able to chat with a real AI NPC crewmate that is capable of reasoning and knowledge(not sure about the commander though..)

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    Not exactly what you're talking about, but fun with voice attack none the less...

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    I remember a funny Voice attack incident.

    I was following the INRA bases story that has the build up to Commander Jamesons last mission. At the final INRA base I was on the pad that Jameson departed from, which even had the Cobra Ship stencilled on it.

    I listened to the audio logs that showed how he was set up to die on mission. It was a poignant story and the sun was setting on the base. I was just about to press send on my message "o7 Commander" as a sign of respect, when the Vasco voice pack boomed out "GORDONS ALIVE?" and played a snippet of of the Queen song. Funny as hell but it really killed the mood.

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    I've had to stop using Voice Attack because the walls are thin at the new place and it annoys the folks.

    Oh well. It was fun.