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Thread: Loving the new depot feature for cargo missions

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    Originally Posted by GeneralIdea1964 View Post (Source)
    It can be very profitable.
    Quite challenging too especially at higher levels. I was getting dangerous or even deadly anacondas attacking frequently.
    And wow betide you if you have two cargoes at the same time. Two high ships attacked at same time.
    Hi-waked out with ship in tatters more than the once.
    Lots of fun.
    Yes, so much fun. I had four partials in my hold on the final run of a session that started off with ~10 96-180t missions, and it was a long series of chain interdictions for the last 10Ls, with a second attacker jumping into one of the instances. But, I got a good number of mats from dead condas - thermic alloys, CDC, etc. I don't see a downside - manual filling (instead of insta-fill) is better for me, especially if you're accepting lots of missions in one go and want to choose where to start.

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    I like it but don't know why the UI only tells me what I've already delivered, instead of what I still need to obtain.
    It's been that way since they introduced the wing missions.

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    Echo what the majority of you guys have said.

    It's made a huge difference to my new game early income. Credit to the devs.

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    Seconded, this is a good quality of life improvement.

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    Originally Posted by EUS View Post (Source)
    Accepted a couple missions, went to destination only to find out my cargo was empty. Oops.
    So while i like being able to do partial runs, I'm still unsure as to why after 4 yrs we are manually adding the cargo instead of it just filling our hold.
    Well in this case it's because one of the points of the new depot system is that you may not want to fill your hold with the cargo from a particular mission at the moment and the game can't tap into your brainwaves to work that out.

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    Fair enough.
    However, there's got to be a module for that.

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    Originally Posted by mossfoot View Post (Source)
    I noticed one problem, though. If I take partial cargo, the source station doesn't show up in my system bodies list for when I have to get the other half. Anyone else have that problem?
    It's an error.

    Think FD said somewhere they'll address it.

    For now you can just stick a bookmark on the source system while the mission is active.

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    Originally Posted by EUS View Post (Source)
    Fair enough.
    However, there's got to be a module for that.
    It's part of next year's scanner package.

    On thread, I like this change. It added some nice fine-tuning of cargo arrangements for mission work as well as my BGS gameplay. No more missing out on a useful or profitable mission or set of missions because you were 1T shy or some such. I can get the most value - credits, influence/rep, and mats-wise - out of what's currently available on the board according to my needs on those items, instead of being limited to what I can select given my current holdspace.

    Much more based now on how much time I have available to complete what I take, and I'd rather have the chance and risk to fail a whole wack of missions than not be allowed to take them at all. This gives us the chance to fail at the highest going pay rates.

    This has to be a boon to a pilot with a cargo vessel as their secondary workhorse; a lot less missed opportunity for a quick cash grab when those large-value short-hauls pop onto the board while you're out and about. Pull the gig, go pick up your white van, cash in. Also useful for mat hunting via missions.

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