Hello and Welcome to this weeks Drabble competition poll!!

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1: - JetsonRING "Birds Of A Feather"


"GO FORTH and MULTIPLY across these green, brown, yellow and blue worlds!"
"FILL EVERY CORNER of the GALAXY with our offspring and take DOMINION over ALL the lesser life-forms we encounter!”

I would never have believed it had I not seen it for myself, read those very words translated into common Galach by the Xeno-psych boys on that alien world we smashed,
transcribed from an ancient scroll in a beautiful, destroyed building that was now being called a “church”.

Who would ever have thought the Thargoid's religion would be so very similar to our own?

2: - Frank : "Hungry"
"Okay! We put the two broken scanner units into the container. The repair nanobots know what a scanner unit should look like. They decide which is going to be the donor unit."

The researcher tipped a vial of glittery dust over the units, closed the top of the glass box, took out a remote control and pressed a button.

"Isn't the container supposed to be nanobot proof? They're eating through the glass!"

The researcher was horrified, "It's okay. I can stop them before they scavenge anything else." He looked in his hand as the remote control there crumbled to dust.

3: - Phong : "Gurgle"
It had multiplied rapidly, splitting into thousands of copies
It had also mutated increasing it's potency exponentially
this mattered little to the victims who lay in a pools mucus and pieces of their own organs
the raspy chest driven cough and the constant gurgle of phlegm in the throat
This new strain was different, the virus had learnt that in the zero-g environments of spaceships
the host wasn't as nessissary to carry forth and multiply. It simply hung dormant in the air
waiting for the next victim to inhale a lung full, multiplying before killing.
The first galaxy wide pandemic.

4: - Johnny Cyclops : "The Last"
The Thargoid warrior was the first to speak, a weakened voice across the void. Adrift in the shattered remnants of a hundred-thousand ships, kept alive in his spacesuit, the Commander heard the words in his translator, his eyes roved across the battle carnage.

“I and you may be the last. Our races are the only two intelligences the galaxy has ever known. We die here and the galaxy dies with us. Or we go forth and multiply. We find a way to pair.”

The Commander scanned the Thargoid floating a few hundred meters from him. ‘Female’, displayed on his helmet-HUD.

5: - Galactic Midden : "When Life Gives You Lemons, or something like that."
She had a majestic frontage and a smile as welcoming as the station lights of Hutton Orbital on your last scrap metal run. Ales stood with pride outside her new botanics store. No one knew why she'd closed her successful, if quirky "Spicy Spoon and Greasy Nut" cafe. Rumours whispered about an infestation of pungent mould.

At this late hour very few customers were about, almost all disappointed hungry truckers, until one rare goods trader, happened to happily happen by.

"Those look new. Are they beauty products? For skin application? Refined?"

"Well, cultured certainly", Ales winked, "I grew them myself".