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    Originally Posted by Mad Mike View Post (Source)
    not sure if i am derailling now however........

    so imagine a "kill pirate bill and his entourage" wing mission.
    Payment is 2.5 million credits.

    right now if i do it in my battle tank i get paid 2.5 million
    OR 4 players could do it in cobras however that wing gets magic pay boost and gets paid 10 million.

    I believe it would be better for the mission to pay 10 million off the bat, BUT money gets split between people in the wing this means there is good fun content for average wing players and really tough - but rewarding - pay for those feeling like johnny big balls who wants to take on the world on their own - and get paid for it!.

    its kind of a verisimilitude thing as well the way wing play is "encouraged" does not sit well with me - and i regularly play in a wing!.
    I see what you mean, the alternative of all of it for me would be a little OTT I think. 20 million wing fetch missions are easy to find and I can solo them in two or three runs with a cutter. If I got 80 mill for it it would be gamebreaking sort of lucrative. Like the 50 million ones were pre nerf (they paid for my cutter first though).

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    Originally Posted by ChrisF0001 View Post (Source)
    Just as a quick aside...

    Lots of people seem to be talking about 'depth'. (Or in one case, 'depth depth depth'.)

    What does everyone actually mean by that?

    Inspired to go looking, I looked around the web for a bit, and found a comment somewhere that 'depth' could be thought of like 'the diversity of player choices that emerge from the rules of the game'. Chess is deep. Space Invaders is not. Note, of course, that complexity is not 'depth', and a 'shallow' game is not necessarily bad. (Using that definition, of course.)

    But I've seen a lot of posts on this thread and elsewhere that seem to assert things like:

    - ED must have a good storyline for the player to progress through!
    - ED must have player owned stations / bases / asteroids!
    - ED must allow players to visibly have an effect on the world!
    - ...etc... (None of these things I necessarily agree with, mind you.)

    I'm not sure what those things have to do with 'depth'. And I'm not sure that all the people in this thread are using 'depth' to mean the same thing.
    Those "critiques" all actually boil down to Star Citizen will be better!, but they have to couch it in vaguery because that is their trolling strategy.

    Fwiw, I love the story of my career as a Commander, regularly enjoy helping my allied player-group minor factions secure their stations and bases on the reg, and my efforts helped to create Fort Mug in Colonia, so Elite has all of those things already...

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    Originally Posted by RymdLazer View Post (Source)
    Just to be a big ol' meanie I take the time to say I was done reading after the first paragraph.
    We have different experiences. Life is a rich tapestry.
    Then why reply? You just sound ignorant.

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    Originally Posted by x0nkers View Post (Source)
    I wasn't playing up to six hours a day, there was just a few days where I did that. Most days it was more like 3 hours after I got home from work. I don't feel like I binged the game, I just wanted to progress and experience as much as I could, as quickly as I could, because I was having fun.
    To me, three hours a day for four weeks is a lot of time playing one single game.

    But we each have our own path, and I guess a lot of younger folks I know do game that much.

    Originally Posted by x0nkers View Post (Source)
    Elite is a great game - well worth the money, it is just... shallow. Ie it lacks depth. It is superficial. It is also very easy.

    The Eve Online comparison is perfectly valid IMO. In Eve, it would take years of play to build a Titan. In Elite, I can buy and fly an Anaconda - one of the three biggest flyable ships in Elite - within a few weeks of buying the game. Elite gives you so much protection - I can rebuild my 250mil Krait for 12mil? With all engineered modules etc? This is not only a massive safety blanket, it is completely unrealistic in the Elite universe. All the NPCs seem to die forever, even our crew dies forever, but we don't? There is really no penalty for death, and therefore no risk. In Eve, if you lose an expensive ship... it really sucks (e.g. once I lost a Hulk in nullsec... I nearly cried).

    This is why Elite seems shallow to me. They have a cool concept - simulating the entire Galaxy - but the gameplay lacks depth. This is my whole point. It doesn't mean it's not fun - it is fun - it is just way too easy.
    Very well put. While I still don't think Elite is shallow (I think it's on par for open world games) you have done a great job explaining your viewpoint.


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    Originally Posted by willisit View Post (Source)
    And you still managed to get 100s of hours of gaming out of it.... so, not bad. If I get 20/30+ hours out of many AAA games, I've had my monies worth. Elite is a VERY different animal and there is no "end game", and I don't think there should be.

    I still have so much to do, and I feel I'm just scraping the surface after 700 hours. Horses for courses; I love it for what it is, and I've hopes for the future, but it really isn't for everyone.
    Eh, I don't put much stock in the idea of "getting hundreds of hours" out of the game, because everything takes time. Just moving from one area to another in order to engage gameplay can take an hour, maybe two. You would have a point if this was a game where travel time was minimal, but lots of destinations in this game takes serious time, so I wouldn't consider "hours played" to equal "value added."

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    I really wish I had the kind of time available to just play games like some people apparently do. I've been playing this game since beta and I only have 500 hours put into the game. Btw, I've never put 500 hours into any other game in my life or kept playing a game 4 years later. That seems like a lot to me but there are players with thousands of hours played, so it's all relative. Anyway, I definitely feel I've gotten my moneys worth here. Life gets busy. I take extended breaks from the game. Sometimes to play other games. Sometimes cause I just don't have the time. Work, girlfriends, etc. This game has never seemed too easy to me and with each new update to the game I honestly feel as if I keep falling further and further behind. Yet I still enjoy the hell outta this game and look forward to each update. I'm not constantly chasing the meta and only do major grinding if there's something I decide I really want. Like my newly purchased Corvette. Grinding missions can bore the crap outta me so I tend to avoid it like the plague unless there's something I really want. Like my newly purchased Corvette. I love that I got it. I love that I had the cash to A rate it but now I find I'm in the grind for engineering materials to upgrade everything. I've got most of my weapons upgraded and my power distributor is upgraded enough to handle the weapon mods. Now I'm on to upgrading my FSD. As soon as I have the materials to make that sucker jump a somewhat decent distance I'm just gonna go back to playing the way I want. Bounty Hunting mixed with some space trucking. I also want to kill me some Thargoids. Don't care about the monetary rewards of it. Just want to do it. I will then get to upgrading my ship as I can but screw the grind for the most part. I don't know how anyone can just grind and grind to get to the supposed "end game" ships. least to me anyway. I know I had to do some major Fed rank grinding to get the Corvette but it was done over a period of time with breaks taken. The beauty of this game is that you can play it the way you want. A friend of mine, for example, just wants to trade. He bought a T-9 just for that purpose and he loves it. He has no interest in killing Thargoids he just wants to happily figure out lucrative trade routes and "pretend he's flying a spaceship" and make some cash that way. I do not believe this game was ever designed with any sort of "end game" in mind. It was made so we could "role play" a life among the stars. Whether it be Pirate, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Space Taxi, Trader, Miner or Explorer. Do what you want. The way you want. And just enjoy doing it. Those that are trying to race through the game as quickly as possible are missing the point, in my opinion. I've never been to a Guardian Site. Maybe someday I will. I've never been to Egypt to see the Pyramids either but maybe someday I will. I have no regrets about either. I play in Open and I play in Solo. Depends on my mood. I've gotten my butt kicked in Open and also kicked in Solo. At no point has either made me want to quit the game and consider it too hard. It makes me wanna get better, at my own pace, and just keep doing what I want.

    Btw, just cause you've managed to quickly get an Anaconda, or any of the big three for that matter, doesn't mean you're the most bad-@$$ pilot in the galaxy. I've sent many an Anaconda to the boneyard in my A rated Python. If you don't have the proper upgrades or don't know how to properly fly it you're basically a lumbering bullet billboard, waiting to die. I'm not the best combat pilot, far from it, and I'm still learning how to fly my Corvette and having a blast doing so. It's A rated but I do not feel invincible in it. I do love taking it into combat though. Sooooo much fun. And that's what it boils down to. FUN!!! If you've blown your load cause you've rushed through the game and have supposedly seen and done everything, move on. Nobody's gonna miss you. But if you actually wanna play the game the way it was meant to be played, stick around. It might surprise you. Make some friends, wing up and do some missions. Or don't. Be a griefer who likes to prey on noobs. Who cares. Do whatever is fun for you and just do it.

    Sorry if I've rambled on. I'm kind of sick of seeing posts about "this game is too easy" or "it's not fully complete" or "Game A is better at this" so I just got in the mood to say something. I'm sure there's more I could say on the topic but I'll move along. Cheers to all and I'll see you in the black.