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Thread: New Alien Hybrid Tech 2018 and beyond?

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    Originally Posted by Phazon Xenomorph View Post (Source)
    (because Frontier and it's precious "game balance" despite everything Guardian is utterly superior to human made stuff).


    Originally Posted by [COLOR=#D1D1D1
    Technology 10[/COLOR] ]
    In terms of flight and small-class spaceships, humanity has surpassed the Guardians, but in other respects their technology outmatched ours.
    So ships are out trump there.

    Oh ninjaed

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    Originally Posted by Un1k0rn View Post (Source)
    Ooh, can you imagine a Guardian-infused Cobra?

    Something like this?

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    If we can get class 4 guardian weapons, at least for the plasma, I'll be psyched. Hopefully we're comfortable enough with Guardian tech now that our weapons manufacturers can address some of the heat and power consumption issues with their weapons too, or at least have some Guardian-specific engineers.

    It's not quite Guardian-related (but I suppose could be in lore), but I also think we're due to finally have AX-weapons be able to damage human ships normally, the normal human weapons be able to damage Xeno ships normally, and some Class 1 AX kit.

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